The Secret to Human-Centric Networking

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Video summary:

  • Human beings are naturally social. Most individuals prefer to learn, organize, and interact in group settings.
  • Having fewer relationships that are well-aligned and built on trust is generally more valuable than having many low quality relationships.
  • People who have a unique network of relationships and information sources are especially valuable addition to your network.
  • When your networking activities center around something meaningful, the amount of interest that will result is likely to increase.


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From Fast Company: How to Write Emails That Don’t Make People Silently Resent You

negativity bias email

“Research has shown that when we receive an email, we’re predisposed to view the tone of that message negatively–or at least more negatively than the sender intended it.

Given that everyone has this natural “negativity bias” against email, it’s important to pay close attention to your phrasing. For the most part, we use email either to remind people about things they said they’d do, or to ask them to do something for us. In the absence of social cues, this is a delicate task. With that in mind, here are a few tips for making your emails friendly and appealing—without running on too long or coming off as ingratiating.”

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Blockchain Democracy


Here are 5 innovation stories that you might have missed:

Democracy.Earth, a community building tools “governance tech tools for a post nation-state world,” has released their annual report.

The community is particularly attractive to smart netizens from countries with sub-standard government institutions. The team has also just released a collaboratively-written “Social Smart Contract” whitepaper about self-governance on a planetary scale.

In response to government corruption, many citizens in countries like Venezuela, Russia, Zimbabwe, and Argentina are replacing bank accounts with Bitcoin wallets. Meanwhile, the central banks of many countries, including the UK, China, Greece, and Russia, are working on launching their own cryptocurrencies. Read more at here.

In response to the end of net neutrality in the United States, the city of Fort Collins, Colorado has voted to launch their own internet service provider (ISP).

Afraid of the competition from these communities, AT&T and Comcast lobbyists have successfully gotten laws passed in 20 states that limit the rights of cities to launch their own ISPs.

Oracle has just opened one of the first high schools to be run by a publicly-traded corporation (that’s not an education company). The Charter Highschool is called Highschool. The School’s students are taught “Design Thinking” (similar to Stanford’s “D School”) throughout their high school experience.

Online startup investing platform AngelList has launched an accelerator for entrepreneurs who are interested in becoming angel investors. The $35m fund gives founders who are new to angel investing the authority to write checks on behalf of larger investors.

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Target Market Interviewing Tips and Examples [Product Design and Development]

I feel that target market interviewing is one of the best ways that growth hackers, product developers, entrepreneurs, and investors can spend their time.

In this lecture, you’ll find some tips regarding asking questions of interviewees, receiving their feedback, how to take notes, and more.

You can also find a free target market interview script on Eazl’s free student resources page.

This lecture is part of Eazl’s Business Launch Program  and we also reference it in our Growth Hacking Masterclass. Enjoy and share!

Growth Hacking: Romina Kavčič on Usability and Conversion

🌱 This is the full, unedited interview that’s a part of Eazl’s Growth Hacking Certification Course 🌱

This interview was originally recorded in November of 2017.

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View from the C-Suite: Productivity, Passion, and Focus

🌱 This interview with Brian Burwell, the CEO of a major management consulting firm, is one of a series that compliments Eazl’s Advanced Management Training program.

For students enrolled in the course, each one of these interviews aligns with a section of your learning experience. 🌱

This is part two of a 6-part interview. View part one on talent development here.
Notes from the interview:
  • One way to determine your focus is your passion for that particular thing.
  • You also have to follow your brain. You have to have the skill-set to be successful in that particular field.
  • You have to find where your energy comes from.
  • It’s very frustrating to have a passion and a set of skills and apply it to business where you can’t make money.
  • Think about: Is this a business where you can make money if you are good at it?
  • Brian has seen two general approaches to productivity: the “full monty” model and the “highly discriminatory” model
  • The highly discriminatory model: “I’m only going to do things that I’m uniquely qualified to do. I’m going to avoid things that are energy zappers.”
  • When you say “no” remember: There might be other people who enjoy doing those things.
  • You have to understand your biorhythms.

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Patrick Byrne’s Blockchain Project to Fight Poverty + More

The Blockchain Project that Fights Poverty and More in this Week’s Brain Boost from Eazl 🚀

Blockchain for Good
Patrick Byrne (CEO of and economist Hernando de Soto are building a blockchain that registers formal and informal landholdings by rural farmers to give them greater land security. Read more about it here.

Companies Liable for CO2 Emissions?
A German court will hear a case against RWE Energy filed by a Peruvian farmer whose land is threatened by a melting glacier. If found liable, it could be a historic case in the fight for environmental justice. More via the The Guardian at here.

Investment Crowdfunding
Ipsento Coffee is doing a Community IPO on Wefunder and the crowd is proving to be incredibly diligent and smart. Read their questions and check out the raise here.

Influencer Marketing
Instagram accounts with 5-50k followers can receive up to $5k per sponsored post according to a new piece by VICE Media. Check it out

Google has a new micro digital marketing lessons app, Primer, with micro lessons you can take for free on your smartphone.