Gmod Goes VR, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and Dell’s $50bn Takeover of EMC

We are broadcasting from the Herengracht Canal in Amsterdam and, this week, we’re going to talk about Gmod, the Trans-Pacific partnership, and Dell’s fifty billion dollar takeover of EMC.

Gmod goes VR
Let’s start by looking at what’s happening in the world of gaming. In particular, Garry’s Mod, an extremely popular online game that’s sold over 9 million copies to date. Gmod is apparently coming out with a sequel that will include virtual reality. This is a game where you can build anything in a sort of sandbox-like environment.

Virtual reality is also in the news this week because Disney has released a virtual reality coloring book, where you color on the iPad and then it instantaneously turns your figures into a 3d model. We’ve been covering virtual-reality a lot. The possibilities are really amazing in this area and I wanted to show you the YouTube video, which you can find in the description. You’ll see how this virtual coloring book from Disney works.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership
The TPP is the Trans-Pacific partnership and it would be a landmark trade deal. It involves 12 countries who represent over 40% of global GDP and there are a lot of reasons to be interested in this deal. First of all, it would enable people who work in these different countries and want to move around to do so more freely. It will also lower the tariffs in these countries, which will improve the quality of life for people in these countries.

The TPP will enable people who work in these different countries and want to move around to do so more freely.
The TPP will enable people who work in these different countries and want to move around to do so more freely.

Finally, it will streamline environmental processes so that companies who are involved in business in all 12 of these countries have to adhere to streamline environmental regulations. The deal hasn’t been passed in each of the countries as of yet –that comes down to legislators– but this deal is extremely difficult to negotiate.

For those of you interested in upgrading your negotiation skills, you might check out the Advanced Management Training course, which has been totally renovated on Udemy this week and includes an extensive section on negotiation.  You can learn techniques like integrative bargaining.

Dell’s $50bn takeover of EMC
This would be the largest tech deal ever in history. EMC has subsidiaries like VMware and Pivotal Labs and what’s really interesting about this story is that there is an activist investor who is a shareholder in EMC that’s pushing them to make some changes.

Activist shareholders are really interesting because they can basically own so much stock that they can make the company do certain things. One of the most famous activist investors that you might want to know about is Carl Icahn. There is great interview with Carl on YouTube where he talks a little bit about the activist investor mindset.

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