Upwork.com, Freelancing, the Gig Economy, Solutions Design, and “Scaling Yourself”

This is an exploratory blog. We are going to be explorers together because we are seeing a really interesting future with this company Upwork.

Upwork is a merger of two big online freelancing websites (Elance and oDesk).There are some really interesting features in Upwork and it has relevance for both entrepreneurs and freelancers.

As an entrepreneur, one thing that’s really interesting is that you can hire tons of talented people using Upwork. Not only can you hire them on a gig basis, you can actually hire multiple people who collaborate on a project for you. So, for entrepreneurs who need to scale their time –Team Eazl can definitely relate to this because we are so busy and time is not our friend– being able to manage and hire people through Upwork would be something that would really help our team members scale themselves.

Now, let’s talk about it from a freelancer standpoint. From a freelancer standpoint, you can –first of all– get some work. Maybe you can earn some money on Upwork and I’m sure some of you are doing this, but the other thing that you can do is you can actually represent yourself as a Solutions Architect by being very capable on Upwork.

You can actually represent yourself as a Solutions Architect by being very capable on Upwork.
You can actually represent yourself as a Solutions Architect by being very capable on Upwork.

For example, if you’re a developer, maybe (similar to the entrepreneur case) you are going to be able to do larger projects where you get paid as sort of the “general contractor” and you subcontract out some of the work through Upwork people. Even if your clients ask you, “Oh, I’m paying you. but you’re hiring other people?”, you can present the argument like, “Well, do you know who to hire or have you worked with these people before? Have you made sure that they’re good?” If you’ve already done that –if you have a network of people who you collaborate with frequently– on Upwork, then you can represent yourself as a kind of Solutions Architect, which also means that you’re going to make more money.

Basically, we’re seeing this future where, in our opinion, “freelancer” is not going to be that useful of a term because we’re going to get into a future where we’re operating more as economic networks than companies and individuals. If you want to win, I suggest that getting familiar with organizations and platforms like Upwork is a really good head-start.

What do you think about all this? What’s the future of freelancing? Is Upwork valuable? Can you make a living on a platform like Upwork and make enough money to have a high quality life? These are all real questions and we do not have the answers, but we would love to know what you think.

Ludell Jones

Ludell Jones

Co-Owner & Marketing Director at Eazl
5 years of small business and entrepreneurship experience. 9 years of marketing experience. Loves community development through ethical business practices and well being/positive psychology research. Located in Chicago.
Ludell Jones



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