Playboy Eliminates Nudes, David Keith’s Carbon Engineering, and the Mjolnir Fingerprint Scanner

This week, Playboy removes nudes from its content, the CO2 startup backed by Bill Gates, and the fingerprint-scanner-activated Mjolnir.

Playboy Eliminates Nudes
Playboy has decided to remove all nudes from their website and from their magazine. In large-part, this is because –as we move away from print to online media– a lot of these third-party social media platforms don’t allow nudes on their platform. This means that Playboy’s content is not very shareable and therefore, is limited in its reach.

This is really interesting and there was a great article in Wired magazine about this because, as a content producer,  when you have to play by the platform’s rules, their rules inform your strategy. You can check out that article through a link in the description of the video.

David Keith’s Carbon Engineering
Carbon Engineering is a startup that was created by David Keith Harvard (an engineering professor) and is backed by Bill Gates. The pilot facility has gone live in the last couple of months and what they do is take care in-mass and remove carbon dioxide from it to convert the carbon dioxide into energy.The plans for the startup are to create 200 million dollar industrial-scale facility to remove carbon from the air in-mass.

If you’re interested in checking out how this works and see more about Carbon Engineering, you can check out this video.

Mjolnir Fingerprint Scanner
Finally, on a lighter note, a very creative Los Angelino created a Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer) that is fingerprint-scanner-activated and, after he built it this summer, he went around Los Angeles, attaching it to various metal surfaces and ask people to try to pick it up and show their strength.

This is a great video to show your kids or nieces and nephews and it should maybe spark your creativity. It’s the top trending video on YouTube as well.

The Next Web Recommends Eazl’s Growth Hacking Masterclass
This week, we worked on the Brain Boost The Next Web headquarters in Amsterdam. The Next Web is a great source of business and innovation news and recently launched The Next Web academy, where Eazl’s Growth Hacking Masterclass is now offered as one of the courses.

Eazl's Growth Hacking Masterclass is now offered as one of the courses on The Next Web Academy.
Eazl’s Growth Hacking Masterclass is now offered as one of the courses on The Next Web Academy.

Keep a look out next Friday for the next Brain Boost!

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