Mauricio Macri’s Argentina and Startup Growth via Partnership

In this week’s Brain Boost: Mauricio Macri’s Argentina and Startup Growth via Partnership.

Mauricio Macri’s Argentina
Mauricio Macri is the new president in Argentina and he’s already making big changes. This is going to push Argentina’s economy into new territory. He has allowed the Argentinian peso to be freely floated. That means he’s removed all the capital controls that were making the Argentinian peso trade at certain amounts, backed by the Federal Reserve in Argentina.

Macri has allowed the Argentinian peso to be freely floated.
Macri has allowed the Argentinian peso to be freely floated.

In general, it is looking like a trend is emerging in the major economies in Latin America towards a more market-driven economy, which probably will imply economic growth and opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors. This is something we discussed at length in the Advanced Management Training Program. A summary of Mauricio Macri’s election victory and how it might signal big change in Argentina and in the region is linked in the description of this video.

Startup Growth via Partnership
Next, let’s look at Facebook and Uber’s new partnership. Now, Facebook users in the USA using the messenger app can order Uber cars directly from the app. What’s really important here is that I’m seeing many leading companies taking a partnership approach to user growth.

For example, Lyft and Didi Kuaidi have teamed up. Khan Academy in Bank of America have teamed up. Even though these deals can be pretty complex to structure and set up, you can imagine the immense power that comes when two complementary offerings and their user bases are allowed to cross populate. Is there a partnership strategy that might be able to work for your organization?



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