Robotic Farming and Google AI Search

In this week’s Brain Boost: Robotic Farming and Google AI Search.

Robotic Farming
A Japanese food production company, Spread, is bringing technology and automation into farming in a country with limited space and a very large population. They’re investing in vertical farms, automation, and robotics.

robotic farming

This week, Spread announced that robots will be used for each step of lettuce cultivation and harvesting, except for seed planting. The use of robots to harvest and cultivate lettuce is expected to increase the yield of heads of lettuce by thirty thousand heads per day.

Google AI Search
Next, there are major shake ups with Google’s search team this week. First, Amit Singhal, who has been the head of search at Google for a long time, is going to retire. He will to be replaced by John DeAndrea, who is Google’s existing head of Artificial Intelligence.

Google revealed how it sees the future of its search products saying, in an email, that they aim to evolve their search tools into an intelligent assistant “for Google users”.

Also, Google has started to block websites with fake download buttons. Now, any site that has a button that leads users to believe that it will trigger a download, but it does not,will be blocked by default. Users will instead see a red screen warning users that they are about to enter a deceptive site.

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