Subscription Startups, Social Trends to Niche Plays, and Indonesia Liberalization

In this week’s Brain Boost: subscription startups, social trends to niche plays, and Indonesia Liberalization.

Subscription Startups
Let’s start by talking about the Rasa car. There’s a new car on the roads in the UK and it’s unique for a couple of reasons. First, because it’s powered by hydrogen fuel cells and that’s not all. Because hydrogen fuel cells are impossible to get at most petrol or gas stations in the UK, the Russell car is set up as a subscription model car and that’s really what I find interesting.

We see a subscription revolution happening, where startups are preferring to issue their offerings as subscriptions. One of the first offerings in this area was Birchbox, which delivers monthly personal hygiene products directly to Americans’ doorsteps and has become extremely popular.

Social Trends to Niche Plays
Stitch, which is an app to connect seniors who would like to date, has achieved a relatively large user base and the, on the Uber side of things, you see companies like Shuttle and HopSkipDrive, which are ride-sharing services for kids starting to take off on the west coast in the United States.

What’s interesting here is that you’re seeing Uber and Tinder creating these social changes and then niche players coming in to seize opportunities that the big players are not yet seizing. So, if you or someone you know is looking for a new market, try to take a technology and see how you might find a niche market that might find value in it, but it’s not yet being addressed.

Indonesia Liberalization
Finally, let’s talk about a way to the end of liberalization in Indonesia. In Indonesia, the government is freeing many sectors that were previously restricted with new economic liberalization sectors that were previously restricted with new economic liberalization now you have a much fewer restrictions than were previously placed on those investments.

Many of these liberalizations are to support the startup scene in Jakarta. Indonesia is a very large and promising country with a population of two hundred and fifty million people, which is roughly 50 million more than Brazil. While the government is relatively famous for flip-flopping on economic liberalization policies like this, Indonesia is worth keeping on your radar.


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