Product Market Fit and Timing for Growth Hacking

Product Market Fit

Growth hackers need to think of their role within a company in terms of two different phases: before or after product-market fit.

Before product-market fit
Before your product is the right product for a certain market, you need to be doing things like searching for user patterns, looking at ways you can change the product in order to appeal better to your potential customers, determining which distribution channels would be better for distributing the product, and –perhaps– raising money. At the end of the day, sales and marketing will not solve these problems.

After product-market fit
Where a growth hacker really comes into play with the company is after the product-market fit. After the product-market fit, you need to learn more about your customers and how they are using the product; what they are benefiting from from your product or service.

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Then, your next step is to create repeatable processes that you can do over and over in order to acquire customers.  Next, you want to integrate these different processes into a playbook that is designed based on your different personas so that, in the future, you can reference the way things were done successfully in previous situations.

In summary, before product market fit is achieved, finding that product-market fit is the number one goal of you and the company. After the product-market fit is achieved, that’s when you want to launch your growth campaigns. Your growth campaign should focus on creating repeatable acquisition processes, measuring everything, and then attaching what you’re finding to the different personas in your business.

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