Growth Hacking Kickstarter: How Bluejay Raised $30k in 48 Hours

In this interview, we spoke with Maja Voje about her experiences growth hacking Kickstarter.

Recently, Maja was the growth hacker for Bluejay, a team that raised more than $80,000 on Kickstarter to build a smartphone mount for your car. They reached $30k in just 48 hours!

In the above interview, we discuss audience testing on Facebook, virtual teams, and raising money on Kickstarter.

We also talk about:

  • How they performed audience testing and converted it into product design
  • How they looked for target audiences for the Kickstarter campaign using digital tools


Maja is a member of the Eazl Community. She has worked in marketing for six years and has been involved in the tech industry for three.
In 2013, Maja was contracted as a project manager for Google’s Speech Ops in Slovenia and later worked as an SEO and PR specialist for Rocket Internet,
She was also contracted for Receipt Bank, one of London’s most influential fintech firms. In January, they raised $10 million of growth capital to start a growth team for their new ventures.
In 2015, Maja joined The Kiwi Factory (and Team Bluejay) as COO and is deeply involved in marketing and business development there. She also runs a small consulting business.
Ludell Jones

Ludell Jones

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Ludell Jones