Online Advertising: AdBlockers, Billions Lost to Fraud, and the MarTech SaaS Trial Trick

This week: AdBlockers, billions lost to fraud, and the SaaS trial trick. This Brain Boost is all about the ads that we see on the Internet and the people placing them.

First, it’s important to note that the amount of users who are using ad blocking software is growing fast. Nearly 20% of US internet users now use ad blocking software and one of the problems is that these tend to be the most sophisticated and affluent Internet users in the country.


Basically, the people who are most valuable to advertisers. This trend is growing quickly especially since Apple started allowing developers to sell adblockers in the App Store for iOS and Apple mobile devices.

Billions Lost to Fraud
Next, TechCrunch has predicted that, in 2016, ad related fraud would reach 8.2 billion dollars. What this looks like is that digital ads are being clicked and seen by fake visitors, meaning that the companies and individuals placing those ads are essentially getting defrauded of money.

The way this works is that groups of professional ad clickers –who are called click farms– in countries with low labor costs make it look like a lot of people are engaging with ads but, in reality, it’s not real customers. Instead, it is fake clickers and bots who are simulating visitors.

Sometimes, these bots even simulate browsers by populating them with high-quality cookies and faking human-like behavior. For example, mouse movement and page scrolling.

SaaS Trial Trick
Since we’re on the topic of fraud, one thing to point out is fake results that are becoming a trend in software as a service businesses. Since we, here at Eazl, lead one of the web’s leading growth hacking communities, were constantly testing new ad tech and one thing that we’re seeing is a strange pattern.

We’ll enroll in some premium service designed to deliver traffic and then traffic magically arrives during the trial period. However, after we sign up (usually for an annual subscription) the results seem to mysteriously dry up.

What’s the answer here? Well, cost per click ads are still performing pretty well but, for marketers, it’s probably smart to move towards content and search marketing. If you look back at history, great stories usually always win in the end.

8 Step Business Launch
Team Eazl is really excited to announce the release of our newest series, 8 Step Business Launch. Check it out. It’s live on Udemy at this link and the first episode of the series is live on Skillshare at this link.

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