How to Find the Right Target Market

target market

The first step of selecting a target market is to brainstorm a list of possible targets. You can start by downloading this free resource:


Now, out of the many audiences you’ve brainstormed, let sift through them to find some of the best launch opportunities.

Here are the tools that you’re going to use to do that filtration:

1.Consider the customer characteristics of each audience
Things like the most acute pain. How badly does this audience want or need a business concept like this? We’re going to call this their level of need.

  1. Is this audience able to pay for something like this and are they reachable?
    These are factors like, “Are these potential customers or this audience all together, digitally or physically, somewhere specific? Can you communicate with them fairly easily?”
  1. Your ability to deliver to this audience
    When you are thinking about your ability to deliver, are there unique requirements related to this particular audience? And can you meet those requirements?
  1. Is there anything that can block you from delivering to this particular audience?
    Like really stiff competition or regulation? Or specific licensing needs?
  1. The momentum associated with each audience
    Is this audience strategically valuable? Maybe you’ll learn a lot from serving them or it will increase your credibility a lot or maybe it’s a high-growth audience.
  1. How aligned is each of these audiences with the founding team’s mission and goals?
    Mission alignment is important to a lot of entrepreneurs. Is the audience a group you want to serve and how well does it go with the brand you want to build?

    In summary, most organizations have plenty of potential audiences to target. The challenge is selecting the best audience for your organization at this time –when you’re launching.

A great launch audience needs your offering, can pay, is reachable, and isn’t blocked by many major obstacles.

Some audiences will give you special momentum because of their strategic value or alignment with your team’s goals.

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Ludell Jones

Ludell Jones

Co-Owner & Marketing Director at Eazl
5 years of small business and entrepreneurship experience. 9 years of marketing experience. Loves community development through ethical business practices and well being/positive psychology research. Located in Chicago.
Ludell Jones