Dubsmash’s 100mm Users, Brogan Bambrogan, & Equity Crowdfunding

In this week’s Brain Boost: Dubsmash’s 100mm users, brogan van brogan and Hyperlook, Starbuck’s sustainability bonds, and equity crowdfunding legalized.

Dubsmash’s 100mm users
Dubsmash is an app that enables people to sync short video selfies with famous movie quotes and hilarious TV lines. Here’s a compilation of favorites:

The founding team is in Berlin and just raised in large round of growth capital. They’re looking to transition the app into a messaging platform so keep your eye on Dub Smash and check it out if you want have some fun with your friends.

Brogan Bambrogan and Hyperloop
An ambitious team in LA led by Brogan Bambrogan –a dude with a killer mustache a superhuman name and a resume that includes work with Elon Musk– has started prototyping Hyperloop technology. The goal is to create a pod that will travel up to seven hundred and fifty miles per hour without wheels or tracks down a tube. It would take around 30 minutes to travel between Los Angeles and San Francisco using Hyperloop technology.

Keep an eye on this team and, if you’re interested in their progress, follow Brogan on Twitter here.

Starbuck’s sustainability bonds
Starbucks has issued a five hundred million dollars sustainability bond. They’re the first corporation ever to issue a security like this. All of the proceeds from this bond issuance will go towards social impact initiatives, particularly centered around sustainable agriculture around the world.

As a side note, Starbucks reported that the bonds were, “wildly oversubscribed”. What that means is that many financiers were very happy to buy into the deal.

Equity crowdfunding legalized in US
I’m thrilled to report that equity crowd crowdfunding went live this week in the United States. What that means is that, next time you’re asked to back a project like something you’ve seen on

Kickstarter, instead of receiving a reward, you can own a small portion of the business. Now all you citizens can be venture capitalists over the internet.

There are some new concepts to learn in this area and we believe that this is a transformational change for small businesses and entrepreneurs in the United States. Here at Eazl, we have created a free crash course for you on equity crowdfunding.

Are you ready to invest in a small start-up via the internet? If so, what kind of projects would you back? Tell us in the comments below.

Davis Jones

Davis Jones

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