Marketing the Millennial Mindset, Grocery Store Robots, and the Tablets of Londinio (London)

In this week’s Brain Boost: marketing the millennial mindset, grocery store robots, and tablets of Londinio.

Marketing the millennial mindset and grocery store robots
The first of Whole Foods new 365 stores has opened in LA and they’re designed to appeal to millennial-minded shoppers. What this shows is that Whole Foods is selling the Millennial lifestyle and tastes to a slightly older, wealthier group of shoppers and this is the first time that I’ve ever seen a company
market the Millennial lifestyle to an older group of customers.

It looks like a huge open warehouse at the new 365 stores and the 365 brand is working to lower prices.
They’re doing this through lots of do-it-yourself options, which also means a lot of automation in the stores. For example, there’s a cold-pressed juicing machine a tea mixing robot called Teabot.

marketing millennial mindset

What this does is raise the question, “In the future, will employees at places like Whole Foods do less juicing and stocking of goods and more greeting and facilitating?” If you’re interested, you should check out this beautiful drone footage of the new store in LA.

Tablets of Londonio
While working on a new office building in London, archaeologists unearthed more than 400 tablets and fifteen thousand objects from ancient Romans who founded London. They used to call it Londinio.

The earliest written document found among the tablets was a contract between two merchants that was dated January 857 AD, during the reign of emperor Nero. On the tablet, the two merchants agreed to pay one hundred and five denarii for a load of goods that would be about half the salary of a Legionnaire that they earn every year.

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