3 Lessons on Innovation from Björk


Each and every album that Björk has created is different and innovative in its own way. From her work with the Sugar Cubes in the 90s to last year’s release, Vulnicura, Björk has consistently proven to be one step ahead of us all with this whole innovation thing.

This is ever-more apparent with her current exhibit, Björk Digital, which involves several different interactive experiences, including VR viewing rooms for four videos she released last year.

Here are 3 lessons on innovation from Björk:

  1. Innovation is PR’s best friend
    Because Björk is such an innovator and always delivers the unusual and unexpected with every project or album release, she is a real life, walking PR machine. This surely isn’t the focus of the art she creates or what she’s has in mind when she’s in the studio, but it certainly doesn’t hurt when it’s launch time.

From an album made entirely with human voices to stunning visuals created by costumes and sets that are creative on a different level, Björk’s work naturally receives the attention it deserves. It’s just that interesting and immersive.

The Björk Digital exhibit takes her signature innovation even further with 5 digital experiences, including virtual reality rooms where you can immerse yourself in each of the four music videos released last year (see Stonemilker below) or play with apps and instruments from her 2011 album, Biophilia.

How can you innovate with your product or service? What can you do to take advantage of an upcoming technology? You don’t have to build something from scratch to be innovative. Björk has shown us that taking advantage of existing technologies that maybe have been adapted yet in the mainstream can come with a big pay off.

  1. Being different is a good thing
    One of the most distinct memories you might have of Björk is the infamous swan dress  she wore to the Academy Awards in 2001 (it even has its own Wikipedia page). Along with that are the memories of how she was a target for comedians and late night skits following. This is not all that surprising considering the free and creative Björk was attending one of the most mainstream events that airs on network television every year.


For Björk’s fans, however, creative decisions like these are why she is so beloved. Her personality and style is her brand…she doesn’t even really have to try and the right people (her target market) respond with open arms (and album purchases and ticket purchases). Who Björk is –a purely creative and emotional individual–  remains perfectly clear and that’s how she’s made her stamp in history and continues to draw support from her fans.

Björk Digital reiterates the power of being different in providing a completely unique and special experience for fans.

Think about what you can do that is different and unique to make your brand or personal brand stand out. This might be as easy as just being yourself!

  1. The Power of New Technologies
    One of Björk’s signature moves is using media technology to enhance the listener’s experience and it was no different for Vulnicura or Björk Digital. She invested in VR a year before marketers even started to think about the possibility of using VR for marketing!

Björk says,”I feel the chronological narrative of the [Vulicura] is ideal for the private circus virtual reality is: a theatre able to capture the emotional landscape of it.”

And let’s not forget the Biophilia app. And her custom instruments (see below).

Björk continues to embrace new technology and use it in new and much more creative ways than other musicians.

Is there a different direction you can take with a seemingly simple technology? Maybe you can use a social media platform in a way that users don’t expect or even integrate 360 video in your marketing campaigns.

Who are some of your favorite innovators? Let us know in the comments below! 

Ludell Jones

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