Monetizing Chatbots, AI Breaks the Sound Barrier, & Björk’s VR

In this week’s Brain Boost: monetizing chatbots, AI breaks the sound barrier, and Björk’s VR. 

Monetizing chatbots
Artificially intelligent assistants are all the rage. Facebook has an AI messenger bot that makes recommendations with you via chat. Amazon has Alexa, which can handle simple conversations and enables you to make purchases– all without turning on any device. And, of course, Apple’s Siri performs a huge range of functions and will reportedly be a big part of next generation Macintoshes.

However, this week we got some insight into how these developers are going to use these technologies to make money. Sponsored recommendations are likely tocome in-stream with responses from these AI assistance in the future. So, in the future, when you ask your Yelp assistant where you should go to get cheap asian food nearby, a savvy entrepreneur will likely be paying to be included in that list of recommendations.

AI breaks the sound barrier
AI researchers at MIT have developed the ability for software to connect video footage to sound. Essentially, the software is able to view footage and predict what sound will result with great accuracy. This will likely help the robots of the future use sound as a complementary artificial sense as they try to understand the context around them.

So, for example, they’re going to be able to recognize the sound of cars driving on cement and then the software will be able to introduce new parameters for the robot’s behavior.You can see how this works here.

Björk’s VR
This week, Bjork premiered Bjork digital, a multidisciplinary art experience that mixes virtual reality music and 3d design. For example, in some rooms, participants at the show put on VR headsets and were able to interact with virtual objects in the room in a way that combines Bjork’s vision with the ideas of her 3d design team.

Increasingly, being technologically courageous is paying off. Creating things like this yourself is easier than you might think so i encourage you to go for it and experiment with a new technology.

Check out Björk’s 360 music video here.

What are some of your favorite ways that companies are using VR? Let us know in the comments below!


Davis Jones

Davis Jones

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