Local Digital Marketing for Online Companies

We tend to think of the internet as a global network of people and machines. And it is, however, the internet is made up of local networks of people and machines. Here, at Eazl, we’ve changed our approach to marketing a little bit and I wanted to share what we’re thinking about.

We’re thinking about going local in the digital age. So, in traditional marketing and sales thinking, most people believe that a new customer needs to see a brand at least three times before being able to recall it to memory and, when you’re focusing in on specific local markets, that makes your marketing team’s job a lot easier than focusing in on the world or a country.

I want to show you how specific you can get with this. When you’re running a video ad on YouTube, for example, you can choose to display that advertisement down to individual zip codes.

So, next time that you’re spending money on digital advertising, you might want to focus on one market and getting to the people in that market through at least three channels, many of which can be digital channels like YouTube, Facebook, etc.

You can learn more about this stuff and I’ve made a few $9 coupons available for our Growth Hacking with Digital Marketing course .This is the best price for this course that you can find anywhere on the web. So, you might want to take advantage of it if you want to up your digital marketing skills now or in the future.

Do you have any wins in digital marketing for a non-brick and mortar company that you would like to share? Leave us a comment below

Davis Jones

Davis Jones

Co-Owner & Head of Product at Eazl
Davis Jones is a communicator and content creator with 10 years of experience in content marketing and product management. He specializes in video course curriculum and pedagogy and is located in Chicago.
Davis Jones