Twitter Bots, Ocean Diversity, and Support for Entrepreneurship in Washington

In this week’s Brain Boost: twitter bots, ocean diversity, and support for entrepreneurship in Washington.

Ocean diversity
Dr. Shane Gero, a Canadian marine biologist, has been studying whales for years and he and his team have found out that there are around 80 clans of sperm whales in the oceans around the world and each clan has their own unique habits and language.

twitter bots

However, within each clan, Gero has found individual sperm whales from those clans move regularly to other clans. This is the first time diversity has been seen beyond humans.

It’s interesting to see that diversity has such a deep part of sperm whale behavior around the world. You can read more about how these whales move between clans and families over the course of their lifetime here.

Twitter bots
After some rough months, Twitter has released some interesting new tools and the most interesting of them is the ability to fairly easily create your own Twitter bot without using any code. For example, you can visit This is a Twitter bot that automatically tweets whenever a new free kindle ebook is published.

If you’re interested in creating your own Twitter bots, I encourage you to do so. It will take you less than 10 minutes. Amit at Digital Inspiration has created a step-by-step YouTube tutorial and a tool that you can use to create a bot from your account or create a new bot.

I would keep an eye on automation and social media platforms. How much are platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc. going to allow bots to interact with human users?

Support for entrepreneurship in Washington
Lawmakers in Washington DC are finally starting to talk about the need for policies that support entrepreneurs and innovators. This week, Hillary Clinton launched an initiative on technology and innovation and, among the many points made in the initiative,it makes it easier for technological innovations like Uber and Airbnb to overcome the burden of outdated regulation.

It also supports the open Internet and provides direct support for entrepreneurs and incubators all over the United States –not just in Silicon Valley.

At Eazl, we support civic leaders who believe investments in entrepreneurship and innovation are critical for the future and for the financial prosperity of the next generation.


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