How to Use Flare and Keyword Planner to Test Demand for Your Business Idea

In this week’s Brain Boost, how to use flare and keyword planner to demand test your business idea. You’re going to get two ways to get some easy feedback on the level of demand that exists for your business ideas. First, a really easy way and, the second, a way that’s a little bit more complex but gives you more data.

This is an ios and android app that was developed by the team at Go Daddy and what you do is you upload a photo that represents your idea. You write a short headline and then a short description of your business idea, which should only take you a minute or two. Now that we’ve all grown accustomed to swiping left to skip something like Tinder, this does the same user experience for going through business apps so users who are looking at ideas like yours will either skip it or upvote it.

Ideas that get more than ten upvotes in 24 hours go to a new place in the app where people who have upvoted them can suggest ways to build on your idea.You’ll see how many people have viewed the idea versus how many people have upvoted it, which gives you a sense of popularity of the idea within this particular community.

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Google Keyword Planner
A great way to get real-world data about the demand for your idea is to use Google’s keyword research tool, which is located within their ad space.This will allow you to see exactly how often people within a specific geography search for the kind of thing that you’re thinking about offering.

For example, we wanted to see which group of people searches for “sample contracts” more frequently in the San Francisco bay area. So, we compared three search queries “freelancer sample contract”, “consultant sample contract”, and “developer sample contract”.

What you want to do after you get an idea of how often these queries are searched is benchmark them against something for which you kind of know the level of demand. Like “simple crm software”. Then, you’ll be able to see how much demand there is for the keywords you searched versus the queries that you kind of already know about. I


How do you test demand for your new ideas? Let us know in the comments and, if you’re interested in free entrepreneurship marketing and career management resources from Eazl, go here and you’ll find loads of templates and guides. They’re all for free.


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