The Growth Mindset Meditation

The Growth Mindset Meditation: Built on Research, You Can Use this to Help Cultivate a Positive Mindset as You Face Challenges

The Growth Mindset has changed the way that successful businesspeople, educators, and social scientists approach challenges. Pioneered by Stanford professor, Carol Dweck, and her book “Mindset”, her research-backed idea is that you can actually grow your brain’s ability to learn and solve problems.

This guided “meditation” integrates findings from multiple business leaders and educators on how to apply the growth mindset when approaching problems. We suggest you use this whenever you’re facing a frustrating issue, you’re feeling stressed at work, or you need to cultivate more power to approach challenges in your professional or personal life.

Bookmark this page for easy finding at times when you need it the most.

Find a whole library of Growth Mindset resources here.



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Davis Jones

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