Which Social Media Platform Should You Focus on for Your Business?

social media quiz

We created this quiz so you can determine which social media platform you should focus on for your business.

The quiz was developed based on real research about social media users and social media advertising data as well as our on-staff knowledge regarding use cases and best practices. To create the quiz and the outcomes, we considered demographics, education level, existing marketing assets, time and money budgeting, and on-staff skills.

Results are determined by tallying totals within 6 of the most use social media platforms –Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest– and you should arrive at a suggestion for focus that works best for the needs and details you have given throughout the quiz.

Let us know what your results are in the comments below + what you’re working on so we can double check the suggestions given and maybe provide some additional guidance.

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Ludell Jones

Ludell Jones

Marketing Director at Eazl
8 years of digital marketing experience. Located in Chicago & San Francisco. Digital marketing & growth hacking lover. Online courses & entrepreneurship.
Ludell Jones