From Inc.: Successful Remote Workers Share Their Productivity Secrets

remote working

“Remote working means we no longer have to choose between a career and travel. Improved efficiency and lower stress mean it can be a winner for employers too. But just how do you stay productive while working on the move?

Remote working is more accessible to both employees and the self employed than ever before. This is largely due to an improvement in technology and tools, enabling employees and consultants to work from wherever in the world they may be with ease.

For the remote workers themselves, this affords an opportunity that previous generations rarely had: to be able to travel and work at the same time. It no longer has to be one or the other.

There are huge benefits for employers too. Remote workers typically report lower levels of stress, which in turn increases efficiency and productivity. It can also result in lower overheads for employers.

But remote working requires discipline, and it isn’t free of pitfalls. So what makes for successful remote working?”

remote workers

Ludell Jones

Ludell Jones

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