3 Ways to Use Twitter Analytics

In this week’s Brain Boost: three ways to use Twitter analytics.

This is a special Brain Boost. It’s part of marketing month here at Eazl, where we’re celebrating the release of Growth Hacking 4.0 and, in this BrainBoost, we’re going to talk about 3 ways that you can use analytics for Twitter.

The first way is just go to analytics.twitter.com and you’re goingto find out how you can basically look at the success of your content and your Tweets. This is pretty simple. You can see things like which Tweets got the most reach, likes, etc.

One thing that I would advise to you is that the data suggests that the number one predictor for growth is engagement. You can sort your tweets by engagement. That’s a pretty easy way to see which Tweets are getting the most engagement.

You might want to write content about that or Tweet more about that.

Those are ways that you can use that part of the analytics suite.

Now, when you go over to the audience part of your Twitter analytics, you can find, first, that you’re going to be basically looking at your followers and there are a couple things that you can find out about your followers.

You can find out what their top interests are and something that I like is their location. I particularly like the regions versus the countries because I think it’s more interesting to see which regions are following you, especially if you’re a salesperson and you’re wondering, “Where should I put my ads?”

Well, those regions might be a good place to put your ads.

The third thing that I would advise you on is that you can find interesting things when you move to your organic audience. There’s this little filter where you can shift from your followers to your organic audience and these are people who have actually engaged with your content.

When we switch to that audience,  you get a more sophisticated view things like their financial status and stuff like that.

So, basically, this is interesting because Twitter is incentivizing you to create engagement more than build a following because you get more data about the people who engage with your content than you do just about people who follow you.

If you are ever interested, one thing you can do here is you can compare other audiences on Twitter with your audience so that you can kind of see what the baseline is and then you can judge how you’re doing. You can also do this for a little bit of prospecting about which interest groups there are onTwitter and what they look like.

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Ludell Jones

Ludell Jones

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Ludell Jones