FAMILY + BIZ Month: Tools for a Holistic Approach to Work

family biz month

We’re celebrating FAMILY + BUSINESS month from November 21 to December 21 and it’s all about life-work balance and building prosperity for your family unit. Take advantage of these tool and resources that we gathered up for your motivation and end of year planning.

  1. The Confidence Code: Self-Esteem and Empathy w/ Palmer Jones
    The softest skills can be the hardest to build, but building them is a smart investment. Recently, the Harvard Business Review published a study which found only .05% of business leaders made it to the top while being strongly disliked by their peers. In this fun, new video course with actress Palmer Jones, you’re going to learn how to:
  • Communicate more effectively with your voice and body language
  • Fearlessly face the unknown
  • Use character development techniques to build your emotional intelligence

You can grab a $14 coupon for the course here.

2. New Research on Stress, Anxiety, DNA, and the Likelihood of Getting Sick
This research should show us all why we need to be more empathetic to others. A great lesson for both yourself in your career and to share with your family.

3. The Growth Mindset Meditation
The Growth Mindset has changed the way that successful businesspeople, educators, and social scientists approach challenges. Pioneered by Stanford professor Carol Dweck and her book “Mindset” her research-backed idea is that you can actually grow your brain’s ability to learn and solve problems.

This guided “meditation” integrates findings from multiple business leaders and educators on how to apply the growth mindset when approaching problems. We suggest you use this whenever you’re facing a frustrating issue, you’re feeling stressed at work, or you need to cultivate more power to approach challenges in your professional or personal life.

4. Jenise Harmon on the Power of Saying “No”
In this interview, Jenise Harmon describes how saying “no” helps boost confidence and open new doors. This interview appears in the Maximizing Your Personal Productivity section of Eazl’s Advanced Management Training course.

5. Charles Hugh Smith on Accrediting Yourself
Charles Hugh Smith is an economist, author, and blogger with a readership of over 20mm worldwide. In this interview excerpt, he explains how it is empowering to work on “accrediting yourself” as your career progresses.

This interview appears in Eazl’s Career Hacking course.

6. Paul Klipp on the Ultimate Productivity Recipe
After implementing the Getting Things Done, Pomodoro, and multiple other productivity techniques, Paul Klipp delivered a hybrid productivity and personal organization recipe that has become massively popular across the world.

His recipe has been upvoted over 3.5 thousand times on Quora and has led Paul to speaking engagements with Ted and other conferences around the world. When he’s not helping software developers and product teams optimize their productivity, he runs Kanbanery, a cloud-based personal organization app.

7. On the blog: Can You Really Make a Living Doing What You Love?
“Finding a way to make a living doing what you love is not all that complicated or difficult…and it’s certainly easier than spending multiple decades at a job, a company, or in an industry you don’t really like.”


8. On the blog: How We Made $100k in Our First Year of Business
“Entrepreneurship is certainly an emotional and exciting journey. It can be fun and the freedom is great, but it also takes a ton of work and dedication and there’s a lot of pressure when funds are limited. You might know know the feeling.

Davis and I have worked together on businesses before and none of them have worked until Eazl.”


Whether you are currently running a family business, starting a business, or trying to balance career and family, you can use these tools and resources to master work-life balance and creating prosperity for your own family unit.

Do you have any tricks of your own for balancing work and family? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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Ludell Jones

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