A New Milestone in Artificial Intelligence

In this week’s Brain Boost: a new milestone in artificial intelligence.

A collaboration is happening between Google’s Deepmind team in the UK and Oxford University. They have been developing an AI platform designed to read lips and, recently, they published their astonishing results.

The AI team put their software up against a professional lip reader for a string of two hundred clips from television broadcasts and the AI platform won big time. The professional –the human– got about 12% of the words spoken by people on TV without any error but the AI platform got nearly 47% percent of the words correctly. Almost four times better than human and many of the mistakes made by the software were just missing little things like an “s” at the end of the word.

What’s happening is a total reorientation of cloud computing towards AI.

One person to follow in this space is Oren Etzioni, who is the CEO of the Seattle-based nonprofit Allen Institute for artificial intelligence. Mr. Etzioni and others are observing that the major tech giants — pretty much all of them: Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft– they’re all totally reorienting their cloud services businesses to AI driven services, much like IBM’s Watson.

Each of these tech giants has plans for an AI as a service platform where companies or individuals –maybe people like you– will send things like images and videos through the AI platforms of these tech firms so that their AI cloud services can do things with that data for you.

But there is a talent problem. Deep neural networking is a really different way of building computer services. So, rather than programming the software to behave in a particular way, engineers need to do more coaxing of results from tons and tons of data.

What people on the inside are saying is that AI developers need to think of themselves more as data coaches than a programmer. Google, for example, in their internal class on Deep Learning for Googlers, titled this class The Art of Deep Learning.

In a short, AI developers are in high demand and short supply but, lucky for us, Google recently released its three-month AI course for free on Udacity because you gotta love Google.

Next week, in Part 2 of this update, we’re going to meet two of the most powerful people in Artificial Intelligence and they happen to be women.

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Davis Jones

Davis Jones

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Davis Jones