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In the world of business and marketing right now, it’s all about AI and chatbots. In the next 5-10 years, you can expect chatbots to become much more a part of our lives and how we interact with companies.

The thing is…you can make one right now. And you don’t even have to know how to code!

We’ve gathered up all the resources we have for you on bots at the moment and put them all here so you can catch up with what’s happening in the world of bots and maybe even make one yourself!

Chatbots: The Next Frontier
What’s a business bot?

They’re text-based services that let users perform tasks like scheduling a meetings, ordering a product, booking a flight, or getting recommendations–all via chat. Chat apps also integrate beautifully with what’s happening in AI and machine learning.

Three big players are already getting into the game: Microsoft, Kik, and Facebook are all likely to announce chatbot marketplaces soon. Chatbots would serve many businesses much better than having a full-fledged app.

The Scoop on Using Bots for Social Media Marketing
Often times, using bots for social media marketing violates the policies of platforms like Twitter and Instagram. There are some kinds of bots invited to participate in the network, but generally, any bot that “pushes” interaction onto users is outside of platform policy, and therefore can result in warnings or account bans. In practice, the platforms don’t always police bots effectively.

The easiest bots to deploy are those like Roboliker ( These bots basically follow a search query that you design and “like” content related to that search from your account. The result is that, often, you attract followers who legitimately share interest in topics related to your search query.

We’ve tested Roboliker here at Eazl and it was pretty effective. Note that this kind of bot is officially OUTSIDE of platform policy.

For more sophisticated bots, one way to approach bots is to blend something like Google Sheets with a social media platform’s API. By developing in the backend of your Google Sheet (you’ll be developing in Javascript), you can automate recurring actions that pull data from the platform, “massage” it in some way, and then take actions on the result. More on this to come!

From Diversity in the Ocean to Twitter Bots
Twitter has been on a downward trend recently (lower users, etc.) but they’ve released some great new tech. Now, it’s pretty easy to build your own Twitter bot.

If you visit Amit’s tutorial (below), you’ll be able to do it in less than 10 minutes.

Building with IBM’s Cloud Brain
IBM Watson is spawning an exploding world of AI-powered technologies and this tech isn’t that complicated. YOU can build the skills it takes to use Watson… it’s not that hard!


Attend Eazl’s Twitter / IBM Watson bot building webinar with Davis Jones and Tanmay Bakshi on January 19th. Early bird registration is free here.

If you want to learn some more advanced information about bots, you can follow the conversations on this bots Facebook group. We are affiliated in any way…we just think it’s a good group that enables further learning on this topic.

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