Viri Vlog: How VIRI Became a Living Furniture Company

Have we created the world’s first LIVING FURNITURE company?

See highlights from the VIRI design team’s first collaboration session with Ana, Ludell, Drew, and Davis. See how we decided to take a totally new approach.

BIG shoutout to FA Team member Wilfredo who sent us the first bit of spontaneously created value by someone from the Eazl community. As a reward, you have earned 4 Eazl points Wilfredo! We’ll find ways for you to use your points in the near future.

Some ways you can create value and earn Eazl points now are:
• What office furniture inspires you?
• What kind of food, aromatherapy, or flowers would you want in your office space?
• Anything else you see as you watch the vlog.

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