Favorite Productivity Apps & Tools

favorite productivity apps

The Eazl marketing and entrepreneurship community has spoken; we’ve pinpointed the top 5 favorite productivity apps and tools. If you have any tools to add that weren’t mentioned or an opinion about the ones we DID mention, leave us a comment below.

  1. Slack
    The winner, BY MILES, was Slack, which is an extremely useful tool for teamwork and project management.

We used Slack to manage our digital incubator which, admittedly, deflated like a pierced tire…not because of the platform but because of functional issues that we would absolutely changed if we tried it again. In fact, learning about the platform was the best thing about the incubator!

I would definitely use Slack again if I worked with a remote team on a piece of content or an event.

  1. Google Drive
    Coming in second was Google Drive and I cast my own vote there as well. Everything Google makes seems to be just the right amount of useful, easy to learn, and non-invasive (as in, Facebook-level all up in my grill styles life integration).

We use Google Drive for just about everything here at Eazl, from course video storage and Photoshop file sharing to blog post writing and marketing campaign planning.

It ticks all the boxes on the list of what we need to run an organized company.

Favorite Productivity Apps

  1. Xmind
    I’d never hear of this one until 13% of respondents voted for it but I am a BIG FAN of mind mapping –we even created course content on it– so I’m interested in trying it out. The free version should be enough for personal use.
  1. Evernote
    Before I converted to Google Drive, I was an Evernote user and there a couple of users in our community who voted it as their favorite productivity tool.

I eventually let Evernote because I was never able to fully integrate it into my work process and none of my team members used it. I did find, however, that it’s great for planning and writing blog posts if content is your thing.

I never tried the paid version, which probably would have kept me using the tool. It’s actually REALLY affordable

  1. Wunderlist
    I’d never heard of Wunderlist and what makes this app stand out amongst the others is the to-do list format and the focus on integrating professional and personal responsibilities. It looks like a great on-the-go tool that might compete with your use if iCal.
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