Using Equity Crowdfunding to Launch Small Businesses

Despite all the hype about startups and disruption, entrepreneurship is actually on the DECLINE. Here’s how we can fix that.

The Problem: Entrepreneurship is on the decline. See the non-partisan Economic Innovation Group’s report with some dramatic statistics on the subject.

The Funding Gap: On a recent fundraising trip to Silicon Valley, Eazl’s founders realized that part of the problem is that most angel investors and VCs want to invest in the next Facebook or Snapchat. But where does that leave startups that only need $30,000 to launch a grow into a solid business?

The Solution: Equity Crowdfunding, a new financial technology, would enable people in the community to own a small piece of local businesses, to get dividend payments from those businesses, to increase their property values, and to provide local job opportunities. See how this technology works in a short, free mini-course from Eazl:

Our team at Eazl is building this movement. If you’re interested in participating send us an email at

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Davis Jones

Davis Jones

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Davis Jones