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Chatbots and AI

We’ve been reporting on -and making content for- chatbots and AI for about a year now.  From Brain Boosts and courses to great content we’ve found online, here’s our current list of Top Content on Chatbots and AI.

1. Bots Can Now Power Your Business
How a company serves more than 5 billion downloads and streams with only 3 employees.

2. How to Create a Facebook Messenger Bot
Interested in using a chatbot for customer service and marketing? Facebook Messenger chatbots can help your followers get answers to frequently asked questions and more.

3. Build a Twitter Bot in 90 Minutes
In this course, you’ll create a Twitter bot powered by IBM’s cloud cognition technology that is able to understand which Tweets are relevant to you, filter them from all the Tweets around a topic, and present them to you through Google Sheets.

4. Chatbots are the Future of Online Marketing
We’ve gathered up all the resources we have for you on bots at the moment and put them all here so you can catch up with what’s happening in the world of bots and maybe even make one yourself!

5. The Top 10 Artificial Intelligence People and Places on the Web
AI is on track to change everything around us. In this Brain Boost: the top 10 artificial intelligence people and places on the web.

6. A New Milestone in Artificial Intelligence
A collaboration is happening between Google’s Deepmind team in the UK and Oxford University. They have been developing an AI platform designed to read lips and, recently, they published their astonishing results.

7. Are You Debating Robots on Twitter?
Researchers and data scientists at the University of Southern California have found that roughly 400,000 bots were tweeting and retweeting during the 2016 United States presidential election, responsible for roughly 20% of all of the election-related content on Twitter.

8. Artificial Intelligence is Disrupting the Job Search
Increasingly, software built on machine learning and early-stage artificial intelligence determines the desirability of a candidate.

9. Monetizing Chatbots
Sponsored recommendations are likely to come in-stream with responses from these AI assistants in the future.

10. Adidas Robots, AI + Humans, and Getting Started with Crowdfunding
Professor Sandy Pentland of MIT, says that artificial intelligence is best used in collaboration with humans. 

11. OpenAI and Shocking AI Salaries
OpenAI’s team of researchers were reportedly mobbed with huge employment offers from some of the tech world’s biggest firms.

12. Jobs and AI
The Financial Times has released an extensive new report on career management in age of robotics, artificial intelligence, and automation.

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