LinkedIn Tips: Give People Public Recognition for Good Work + Get Profile Views

When I think about how professional social networking is evolving, it makes me happy. More and more, I see people who used to be silent observers speaking up. I see them giving thanks, talking about causes they believe in, and responding to other people’s ideas. In this past, it was only the outspoken people and the crazies who were active on social media. I like to see these networks–especially LinkedIn–getting more SOCIAL.

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Recently, I publicly thanked a group of people through a LinkedIn post. These people helped me develop an international marketing strategy and I felt like our MBA program–the way we were connected to one another–deserved a shout-out on LinkedIn. So I took advantage of the tagging feature on LinkedIn and tagged each of them plus the people who run the program in the post. Man, it worked!

Within a few days, the post had more than 3,000 views and nearly 30 post engagements. That’s a pretty successful post! Looking back on it, being friendly, giving people a public “thank you,” and tagging your own business in the post is a win-win-win.

So next time you want to let your network know that one of your colleagues, clients, or peers did something worth sharing take the time to be kind, be public, and tag them in your post.

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Davis Jones

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