Eazl’s Top 10 Favorite Information Sources in 2017

eazl top information sources

There are a lot of garbage information sources out there so it’s important to curate the type of information that you come across every day, especially in the age of social media. Davis and I got together and brainstormed our top 10 information sources in 2017. Here’s what we came up with:

#10 Radiolab


A “show about curiosity” that covers the strange and unusual from science and philosophy. The production is incredible!

Where we follow them: Podcast

#9 Harvard Biz Review

Harvard Business Review

This is one of our favorite sources for researched content on future of work and management. Without paying, you can read 6 articles a month for free.

Where we follow them: Twitter

#8 Financial Times

Financial Times

Real, high quality journalism on the topics of business, career, and government that is behind a paywall.

What does the paywall mean for the content?

Less drivel because the content does not rely on just advertising and clickbait. The community is also high quality because people who care to pay for a subscription to FT ($179/year for a standard subscription) are typically smart and genuinely interested. Plus, it keeps the trolls and bots out.

Where we follow them: Paid Subscription (we have the Standard subscription)


#7 Gallup


Providing analytics to organizations, Gallup is a refreshing source of information because it prevents just the facts and numbers…no opinions, which is hard to find these days in mainstream news.

Where we follow them: Twitter


#6 World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum

From work life balance and environment to economic issues and innovation, World Economic Forum -out of Switzerland- covers just about everything that has an affect on quality of life, globally.

Where we follow them: Twitter

#5 Dalai Lama

dalai lama

The Dalai Lama has been on the right wavelength always and it’s been quite fun to watch the scientific research roll out to support his teachings. He’s a living reminder to resist the arrogance of modern life that tempts us to discount the wisdom of the ages.

Where we follow him: Watch the Dalai Lama drop some knowledge on Twitter.





They cover topics and news that no one else dares to cover…in a way that no one else dares. VICE is setting a new standard for journalism.

Where we follow them: YouTube

#3 On Point

On Point Radio

A two-hour live show that is a refreshing and honest source of news and conversation.

Where we follow them: Podcast

The School of Life

School of LIfe

Alain de Botton is a philosopher who founded The School of Life to teach emotional intelligence. They create tons of useful content in the form of videos, articles, books, and products.

Where we follow them: YouTube and Twitter

Greater Good Science Center

Greater Good Science Center


Based at UC Berkeley, GGSC is working on presenting the science behind practices that help us lead good lives and make the world better. Think: soft skills and proving the Dalai Lama right.


Where we follow them: Science of Happiness course from UC Berkeley, their blog, and Twitter


Do you have any favorite information sources that didn’t make this list? We’d love to hear your favorites in the comments below or on Twitter.

Ludell Jones

Ludell Jones

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