View from the C-Suite: Productivity, Passion, and Focus

🌱 This interview with Brian Burwell, the CEO of a major management consulting firm, is one of a series that compliments Eazl’s Advanced Management Training program.

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This is part two of a 6-part interview. View part one on talent development here.
Notes from the interview:
  • One way to determine your focus is your passion for that particular thing.
  • You also have to follow your brain. You have to have the skill-set to be successful in that particular field.
  • You have to find where your energy comes from.
  • It’s very frustrating to have a passion and a set of skills and apply it to business where you can’t make money.
  • Think about: Is this a business where you can make money if you are good at it?
  • Brian has seen two general approaches to productivity: the “full monty” model and the “highly discriminatory” model
  • The highly discriminatory model: “I’m only going to do things that I’m uniquely qualified to do. I’m going to avoid things that are energy zappers.”
  • When you say “no” remember: There might be other people who enjoy doing those things.
  • You have to understand your biorhythms.

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