Who is Using Twitter? What is Twitter Most Used for?

Here is a helpful summary of this video. Four key points:

• Twitter has ~350 million monthly active users (sometimes called “MAU”). 80% of Twitter’s are outside of the US and most users access Twitter from smartphones.
• Twitter users are among the most educated social networkers–there are more college graduates using Twitter in the US than any other social network.
• People turn to Twitter for 4 primary uses: (1) to engage in major moments like political or sporting events, (2) to interact with people and companies nearly instantly, (3) for news, and (4) to get customer service.
• People are used to discovering new things on Twitter and new followers tend to be interested in actively supporting the profiles they follow. 93% of Twitter users surveyed recently said that when they follow a business on Twitter, they’re likely to buy something from them.


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