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Recently, Facebook revealed that users have spent millions of hours less on the platform in the final months of 2017 and that North American daily active users had declined for the first time ever.

The amount of time users spent on FB went down by ~50m hours each day over the last 3 months and Facebook revealed that the number of users in the US and Canada logging on each day went down by 700,000 during the same time.

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• Is Facebook blackmailing users? This Tweet revealed what one FB user experienced when they tried to deactivate their account.
• 427 Emails from FB in 90 Days: This user counted the number of emails that FB sent them when they didn’t use the network for 90 days and it was incredible… over 4 emails from Facebook EVERY DAY using every technique under the sun to get them back on the site.

What do you think? Is Facebook on the decline?

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