View from the C-Suite: Interpreting World Events (Macroeconomics)

🌱 This interview with Brian Burwell, the CEO of a major management consulting firm, is one of a series that compliments Eazl’s Advanced Management Training program. For students enrolled in the course, each one of these interviews aligns with a section of your learning experience.

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This is Part 4 of a 6-part series. View the rest of the series:
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Video Summary:
* One thing you’ll find if you have conversations with Chief Executives is how tuned in they are.
* I think that people who succeed in big jobs –big environments– are tuned in to [economics, politics, history, etc.]”
* You have to be realistic about your ability to forecast these kinds of things.
* Any smart person needs to be able to think through the implications of [macroeconomic storylines].”
* I think every business person owes it to themselves to read The Economist.

Ludell Jones

Ludell Jones

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Ludell Jones