This month, we’re creating all kinds of useful free content to help you upgrade those often overlooked (but important) sections of your resume:

  • Languages
  • Certifications
  • Projects
  • Other Relevant Information
  • Volunteerism

Within this content, you’ll find ideas on how to get the skills and experiences you need to “beef up” these sections of your resume and present yourself as a well rounded candidate.

eazl resume augment in august

Look for content over the next few weeks that will help you make yourself a more qualified candidate and your resume more persuasive. We’ll be posting blogs, videos, and course modules, and guides.

Current published content:
Facebook Advertising: The Facebook Ads 2017 Certification Course
The Importance of Learning How a Language is Really Spoken
We’re Obsessed with Ambition in all the Wrong Ways
5 Project Ideas for Your Resume
Certificates, Nanodegrees, and the Future of Work

This content is ideal for:

  • Recent graduates with limited work experience
  • Experienced professional who want to make a career change and/or maintain competitiveness in the job market
  • Anyone who doesn’t feel confident in their resume
  • Anyone who is experiencing limited success in their job search

Until then, you might want to check out our Career Hacking Masterclass, where you can find our resume templates and tools to support this series, and our archived content for professionals.

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