How to Use Intro Chats in Personal Networking

You can learn more about this topic in Eazl’s new Instant Skills course on personal networking.

When you’re building a personal network, “intro chats” are a great way to meet new people without committing too much. In this Brain Boost see how we use the PIG (Preferences, Interests, Goals) system to qualify people who we might collaborate with, hire, or buy something from.

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New Eazl Course: Professional Networking Strategy

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Learn how to make professional connections, filter out mis-aligned people, and start relationships with future partners.

Learn the CCMM Professional Networking Strategy in Less than 90 Minutes:
• Develop connections with professionals who can make a difference in your career
• Converse with new connections to determine alignment (or lack thereof)
• Craft approaches to developing new relationships with well-aligned people
• Expand your professional network through 2nd degree connections

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LinkedIn Tips: Give People Public Recognition for Good Work + Get Profile Views

When I think about how professional social networking is evolving, it makes me happy. More and more, I see people who used to be silent observers speaking up. I see them giving thanks, talking about causes they believe in, and responding to other people’s ideas. In this past, it was only the outspoken people and the crazies who were active on social media. I like to see these networks–especially LinkedIn–getting more SOCIAL.

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Recently, I publicly thanked a group of people through a LinkedIn post. These people helped me develop an international marketing strategy and I felt like our MBA program–the way we were connected to one another–deserved a shout-out on LinkedIn. So I took advantage of the tagging feature on LinkedIn and tagged each of them plus the people who run the program in the post. Man, it worked!

Within a few days, the post had more than 3,000 views and nearly 30 post engagements. That’s a pretty successful post! Looking back on it, being friendly, giving people a public “thank you,” and tagging your own business in the post is a win-win-win.

So next time you want to let your network know that one of your colleagues, clients, or peers did something worth sharing take the time to be kind, be public, and tag them in your post.

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Build Your Digital Networking Muscles

Digital networking is an essential skill for entrepreneurs
It seems like all that anyone talks about anymore –whether in entrepreneurship or a traditional career path as an employee– is networking. And with good reason! Many are terrified of the idea of reaching out to a stranger. Plus, digital networking has added a whole new element to the mix.

But, in order to create opportunities for yourself and your business, focusing time and energy on networking is key. When you work on developing the right mindset for networking, you will probably find that it is not as bad or scary as it seems. There are some simple methods for reaching out on LinkedIn (digital networking) and scheduling follow ups that will make it far less intimidating.

As an entrepreneur, you should make the decision now to get over the fear of networking or possibly face failing to launch a successful business. There are many benefits to networking and the interesting thing is, it is not done solely for the purpose of lead generation or client acquirement. You can also find connections that will help you build a profitable business.  

Networking for the purpose of market research
One necessary, yet often overlooked, stage of product or service development is target market interviews. These interviews are extremely valuable because they give you insight to how your market behaves and what they feel, think, and believe. It’s this kind of information that will help you create a product or service with features that solve problems or fulfill needs.

But how do you successfully set up and execute a target market interview? How do you get access to complete strangers? Davis Jones and the team at Eazl developed a process that helps entrepreneurs connect with individuals in their target market on LinkedIn for the purpose of market research.

The LinkedIn Power Game for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

linkedin networking event digital networking

In this live event rebroadcast, learn how to strategically build out your LinkedIn network for the purpose of building your business or client list. On the other side of this game, you will have a stronger presence on LinkedIn®, the world’s largest professional network, more robust digital communications skills, and increased digital networking confidence.

Find win-win connections on LinkedIn, send them intelligently-designed requests to connect, learn how to cultivate mutually-beneficial professional relationships in the modern world, and set up opportunities for target market interviewing, which will enable you to create products and services that people want.

Within a week of putting these techniques into action, you will have a minimum of 10 additional strategic contacts.

Be sure to keep your eyes open for the link to the step-by-step guide in the first few minutes of the tutorial.

How to Use Recruiters and Staffing Agencies

Human resources diagram

In this blog post, we are going to level-up your thinking about how to source career opportunities; particularly, how to use recruiters and staffing managers.

These people, on the one hand, are interviewing and checking the references for dozens or even hundreds of candidates at one time. On the other hand, they are staying in touch with regional employers -dozens or even hundreds of organizations at one time.

Staffing Managers
A staffing manager is a temporary staffing agent. Basically, what they do is they are going to send you to work at a client’s firm for a specific, short period of time. However, there is a chance that you and the client can get along really well and the client will say, “We want to hire this person full time,” and you’ll convert into a full-time employee. Staffing managers can ultimately help you find full-time work.

Recruiting Managers
There are also recruiting managers -sometimes called headhunters- and these people are placing you directly on their client’s payroll, meaning that you go directly to full-time employment with their client. These interview rounds tend to be more rigorous and the process is a little bit slower, whereas the staffing manager’s process is really fast. This is related to the amount of risk the client takes with bringing on someone full-time. Using a recruitment agency is expensive for any client and they want to make sure they find the perfect candidate for the role.

Real-Life Example
Let’s say that Mark is a recent graduate and he does a little bit of internet searching, finds a staffing agency in his area, and goes in for an interview. What is going to happen is the agency will interview Mark for his skillsets. They will not be interviewing him like they would hire him directly. What they need to do is know how to sell Mark to their clients. They are also going to help coach Mark in his interviewing skills, which is a huge bonus.

Asian man smiling, closeup
A recruiter will often coach their candidates on interviewing skills, which is a huge bonus.

Staffing managers and recruiters are good partners for you have in your job search. You can ask them, “What could I have done better?” and that helps you on your job search generally.

Tweet: Staffing managers and recruiters are good partners for you have in your job search.

After his interview with the agency, the agent or the recruiter is going to go out and broadcast Mark’s profile to potential clients of theirs who might like to hire Mark and could use his skills. If any of these leads come up positive -and often they do- they’ll give Mark a call and Mark can begin work with this organization on a temporary or full-time basis. Depending on the client, he might also have an interview with the client before being hired.
Agency recruiters can be a really powerful asset for you on your job hunt. Make sure you are working with a recruiter in addition to applying for jobs independently. Temporary work might also be a good “band aid” for your financials if you are currently unemployed and waiting for the right job-fit.

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Marvel Comics’ Jessica Jones, Keurig’s Innovation, Node.js & StrongLoop

This week: Jessica Jones, single serving soup, and Strong Loop.

Marcel Comics’ Jessica Jones and storytelling
The top trending story of the week is the new series, Jessica Jones, a 13-episode series created by Marvel Studios for Netflix. This real-life superhero series reminds us of how important good storytelling is for your brand. There is a module in this Growth Hacking course on telling better stories with your content. Specifically, starting with an emotion that you want to create in your audience.

This week -if you have to write a blog post or create some sort of content- try to generate an emotion with that content.

Keurig and Campbell’s Soup partnership
Next, Keurig has teamed up with Campbell’s Soup to create single-serving soups that are brewed using your single-serving coffee maker. This is an example of the power of strategic partnerships.

Here at Eazl, we are talking with a major content distributor called Big Think on a possible partnership and that relationship started because our team networked with some of the leadership from Big Think on LinkedIn. There is a potential win-win situation here.

Keurig has teamed up with Campbell’s Soup to create single-serving soups that are brewed using your single-serving coffee maker. This is an example of the power of strategic partnerships.
Keurig has teamed up with Campbell’s Soup to create single-serving soups that are brewed using your single-serving coffee maker. This is an example of the power of strategic partnerships.

Check out the module on CCMM (in the Career Hacking course and in the LinkedIn courses) on how you can start relationships through a platform like LinkedIn and then make them really meaningful for your career.

IBM buys Strong Loop
Finally, IBM bought Strong Loop, which is an enterprise app development shop in San Mateo that programs in the NodeJS programming language. Check out this vlog that we posted recently for people who are devs out there. This is basically a hack for you to take your links to your online development portfolio or your portfolio websites and turn them into powerful personal branding statements on your resume.

Let us what news in business you are following this week in the comments below!