Facebook Advertising: The Facebook Ads 2017 Certification Course (Trailer)

This post is part of our Augment Your Resume series. We’re creating content that will help you upgrade the language, certifications, volunteerism, and projects sections of your resume. 

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In less than 3 hours you’ll be able to use Facebook’s ad targeting features, install and use the Tracking Pixel, launch campaigns, and receive a certification.

Learning how to use Facebook Advertising isn’t just for launching Facebook ads to sell products. Instead, think of Facebook ads as a way to communicate with hyper-targeted groups of people. Facebook advertisements can be used for recruiting, for public relations, to promote events, to build communities, and, of course, for selling products and services.

Learning to use the Facebook Ads suite for business will enable you to be better at online marketing, modern digital communications, and will give you a strong background for a variety of social media and digital marketing applications. You’ll also earn your Facebook Ads 2017 certificate which you can link to on your LinkedIn® profile, resume, etc.

For more info: http://bit.ly/fbads10

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LinkedIn Tips: Give People Public Recognition for Good Work + Get Profile Views

When I think about how professional social networking is evolving, it makes me happy. More and more, I see people who used to be silent observers speaking up. I see them giving thanks, talking about causes they believe in, and responding to other people’s ideas. In this past, it was only the outspoken people and the crazies who were active on social media. I like to see these networks–especially LinkedIn–getting more SOCIAL.

☞ Are you on LinkedIn? Let’s connect! Send me a request!

Recently, I publicly thanked a group of people through a LinkedIn post. These people helped me develop an international marketing strategy and I felt like our MBA program–the way we were connected to one another–deserved a shout-out on LinkedIn. So I took advantage of the tagging feature on LinkedIn and tagged each of them plus the people who run the program in the post. Man, it worked!

Within a few days, the post had more than 3,000 views and nearly 30 post engagements. That’s a pretty successful post! Looking back on it, being friendly, giving people a public “thank you,” and tagging your own business in the post is a win-win-win.

So next time you want to let your network know that one of your colleagues, clients, or peers did something worth sharing take the time to be kind, be public, and tag them in your post.

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From Brant Wickersham: Why Emotion Is Okay

This is an excerpt from an original blog post on The Inquiry of Excellence blog.

brant wickersham
“Vulnerability is often overlooked and ignored.

For longer than I can remember, I’ve heard that men are designed to be tough. From a purely genetic and physiological sense, it is easily understood. Men have higher levels of testosterone than women and can naturally build muscle at higher levels than women. The issue that I find in this statement, however, is not its association with muscle or the physical nature of being a man, but that it’s also been attached to the mental side of being a man.

brant wickersham

It’s frowned upon to cry, frowned upon to be seen as weak, and on top of that, the least manly thing you can do is to always be that moody friend.

Naturally, we are susceptible to emotions, but men have been trained into thinking that emotion is not a factor to personal development.”

brant wickersham

How Blockchain will Revolutionize the World’s Data

🎥 Ludell Jones, Eazl’s Marketing Director, has been publishing some awesome vlogs about the day in the life of a modern marketer. Check out her latest installation here 🎥

Big Blockchain Data
We live in a world where owning data is the way that companies compete but as more industries–from finance to insurance to ecommerce–transition to more secure and scalable blockchain-based systems, things in the world of data will change. Some people are calling this “the industrialization of data.” Read more here.

Facebook’s Data Factory
Facebook’s collection of data makes it one of the most influential organizations in the world and Serbian CS professor Vladan Joler has been leading a massive project to map the massive Facebook data collecting machine. See tons of beautiful maps and original articles about his team’s findings here.

AI-proof Jobs
The new mantra in the labor market is that robots and artificial intelligence are going to take over everything. But for those who don’t want to work in artificial intelligence or robotics, there are some “robot-proof” careers, at least for now. According to some experts, they are: creative folks, healthcare practitioners, child care workers, engineers, teachers, human resources executives, and traditionally blue-collar jobs like carpenters, plumbers, and electricians. Read about Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg’s take here.

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From Forbes: Never Give Up Your Salary Details


“It is wonderful to see job-seekers waking up to realize they have more power in the hiring equation than they thought they did.

Employers can’t grow their businesses without great employees on board.

Job-seekers need to know that there are lots of badly-managed organizations that treat job-seekers like dirt. Almost everyone has run into one of those organizations at some point.

The faster you run away from organizations (and recruiters) who treat you badly, the sooner you’ll find the right people to collaborate with!

Don’t give up your current or past salary details just because someone asks you to. What you get paid now and what you got paid at every job you’ve ever held is your personal information — and nobody else’s business.

Recruiters will ask for your salary history and so will employers. If you run into the question ‘What did your past jobs pay?’ on an online job application, here’s how to handle it.”


From World Economic Forum: The 5 Skills All Job Recruiters Look For

skills job all recruiters look for

“Sometimes our clients will provide us with about five non-negotiable criteria for candidates to meet; skills they must possess or experience they have to have to be considered for a specific role. Of course this varies across positions and companies, but there are several items we see cropping up again and again. I compared notes with the other recruiters in our office to come up with those criteria we are asked to identify most frequently these days.

1. Leading up, down, and across
For directors it’s not just about management anymore. It’s all about leadership. Have you honed your management style in a way that inspires others and makes them want to follow you, not just listen to you? Have you looked for training and mentors? Good managers don’t just turn in your review and manage time and expectations, they develop talent and motivate their team to strive further and achieve more. Our Vice President, Kassie Wilner, adds that the ability to “use your influence to gain consensus cross-functionally and build effective relationships across divisions in a matrix corporate structure” is a skill that she sees coming up again and again.”

hai ninh nguyen

Be Your Own Inspiration: Adi Diner, Engineering Project Manager


Adi Diner is a Project Manager at Spectra-Physics, an industrial and scientific laser company in the San Francisco Bay Area. Adi’s profile stood out to me because I wanted to highlight someone from the Eazl community with a science and engineering background. I also really liked how her passion for science was developed as a child because I think it’s something so many of us can relate to.

Check out Adi’s wise words about teamwork and perfection, which is applicable to you no matter what industry you’re in:

Ludell Jones: In 2-3 sentences, tell us about your career and what you do.
Adi Diner: I started my career designing lasers. Later, I advanced to leading a team of physicists, and now I work as a project manager at Spectra Physics. I lead a team of engineers from different disciplines (physics, mechanics, electronic and software). Together we turn an idea into a product: high-end lasers that are used in leading research labs. The lasers we develop are used in physics, chemistry, and biology research labs.

LJ: What inspired you to pursue your profession/industry?
AD: Since I was young, I have wanted to understand how things work. As a child, I wondered why natural phenomena occurred and invented new devices. [In] high school, I chose to do a research project in a real lab at a research institute. I was so excited when the theory I learned in class came to life in the lab.

LJ: What is one of the toughest challenges you’ve faced while building your career?
AD: When developing new products, there is a constant conflict between ‘perfect’ and ‘good enough’. There is always one more thing that can be done in order to improve the product further or make sure that it is as good as can be.

But as an engineer and a manager, I have to aim for perfection while meeting practical demands with limited time and resources. The different considerations must be adjudicated upon.

At the same time, I must balance the sometimes contradictory input of different team members. I found that, when working individually in the lab, it is hard to see the bigger picture; in most cases, an open discussion brings all team members to understand the limitations and to prioritize correctly.

LJ: What advice would you give to your younger self if you knew then what you know now?
AD: When I just started in the industry, after spending years in grad school, I felt I [was] supposed to have answers to everything. I wish I learned earlier that, even after many years in the industry, you do not need to know everything. Asking other team members and brainstorming as a team has proven to be an amazing way for all of us to learn and find innovative solutions.

LJ: What other people in your field do you admire and why?
AD: I admire people who have the passion and ability to take their own idea from theory to product.

Adi welcomes your connection requests on LinkedIn.

Think Like a CEO: Using the New LinkedIn Workforce Report

The new LinkedIn Workforce Report will give you a near-realtime snapshot of the movements, skills gaps, and industry talent scenarios each month. The report is built exclusively from LinkedIn’s huge amounts of workforce-related data and should enable you to step into the shoes of a big-time CEO, investor, or entrepreneur. Sometimes, you need to step back and take a 30,000 ft. view to see things you don’t notice when you’re “on the ground.”

Check out February 2017’s report here.

The report will be published each month on the LinkedIn blog.

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How to Add a Guest Blog or Feature to Your LinkedIn Profile


Now that you’ve been featured on someone else’s blog, it’s time to share in all the right places. One of those places that often gets overlooked is LinkedIn.

Guest posts and features are the perfect opportunity to add some visuals to your LinkedIn profile. All you need to do is go to edit mode on your profile, scroll down to the right work experience to list your feature beneath, select the “add content” icon, upload a high quality photo, and provide a title with a description.

Here’s a screen share I took when I added a blog post that mentioned me to my current work experience:


Now, when LinkedIn users visit your profile, articles that mention you will stand out and add to your credibility.

Have you seen our Career Hacking course? It’ll teach you how to make some big upgrades to your resume, CV, LinkedIn profile, and networking game.

Build Your Self-Esteem and Develop Emotional Intelligence

The softest skills can be the hardest to build, but building them is a smart investment. Recently, the Harvard Business Review published a study which found only .05% of business leaders made it to the top while being strongly disliked by their peers.

We launched a new, fun course with actress Palmer Jones (see trailer above) to help our community tackle the challenge of building soft skills. In this training, you’’ll learn how to:

• Communicate more effectively with your voice and body language
• Fearlessly face the unknown
• Use character development techniques to build your emotional intelligence

All of these skills will not only help your career or business, but with your personal life as well. Anyone who has the courage to get started will find value in this training.

Honestly, we’re serious about creating a fun, inspiring, kick-ass learning experience to help you succeed. If you don’t enjoy the course, you’re welcome to a refund with no questions asked. So come on in and upgrade your confidence and emotional intelligence game!