How Blockchain will Revolutionize the World’s Data

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Big Blockchain Data
We live in a world where owning data is the way that companies compete but as more industries–from finance to insurance to ecommerce–transition to more secure and scalable blockchain-based systems, things in the world of data will change. Some people are calling this “the industrialization of data.” Read more here.

Facebook’s Data Factory
Facebook’s collection of data makes it one of the most influential organizations in the world and Serbian CS professor Vladan Joler has been leading a massive project to map the massive Facebook data collecting machine. See tons of beautiful maps and original articles about his team’s findings here.

AI-proof Jobs
The new mantra in the labor market is that robots and artificial intelligence are going to take over everything. But for those who don’t want to work in artificial intelligence or robotics, there are some “robot-proof” careers, at least for now. According to some experts, they are: creative folks, healthcare practitioners, child care workers, engineers, teachers, human resources executives, and traditionally blue-collar jobs like carpenters, plumbers, and electricians. Read about Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg’s take here.

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Build Your Own Twitter / IBM Watson Bot (No Coding!) with Eazl

ibm watson

Join Davis Jones from Eazl and Tanmay Bakshi, IBM’s 12 year old programming wizard, and go from zero to intermediate in your ability to use IBM Watson, your “artificial intelligence brain in the cloud.” During the event, you’ll get access to a brand new Twitter Bot interface designed by Davis and Tanmay. After the live event, the replay will be only avilable for a paid replay. Click on the video below to learn more about what Watson is and how it works:

During this event with Davis and Tanmay, you’ll learn how to:

  • Set up an IBM Bluemix account
  • Launch a Watson service (we’ll be working with the Natural Language Classifier)
  • Copy and then integrate the Google Sheets/Watson interface we’ve built
  • Use Twitter’s advanced search functions
  • Train Watson to automatically find Tweets that are meaningful to you
  • Automate the tool to “listen” to Twitter for you all the time



We can’t wait to unveil this new Twitter / Watson Bot and we hope you’ll join us! To find out more about Eazl, visit our YouTube channel at

Building with IBM’s Cloud Brain

In this week’s Brain Boost: building with IBM’s Cloud Brain.

I’d like you to think of IBM Watson as an extra brain in the cloud. One that never gets tired or bored in a world where more than 4 million hours of YouTube videos and 500 million tweets are published every day.

IBM Watson’s primary job is to convert any digital communication record into text and then mimic the way that our human brains would understand that text.

For your practical purposes, you can use Watson through IBM’s Bluemix website. With little or no coding at all, you can flow data through Watson and then send that data, which is massaged and curated, through apps, spreadsheets, email addresses, and a lot more.

We’re starting to see many business applications use Watson as a sort of silent partner. For example, teachers are using Watson to personalize their instructional approach based on student data. We’re also seeing cyber security companies monitor some of the world’s biggest networks by using Watson to check out these alerts as a preliminary screen. Here at Eazl, we’re using Watson to constantly monitor Twitter for important content.

To get started, I encourage that you learn a little bit more about Watson with a little fun project. You can spend about 25 minutes following Tanmay Bakshi’s tutorial (below) on setting up Watson and using the natural language classifier, which will let you use Watson to do things like tell if an  email is spam or not spam or what mood the person was in when they wrote something.

If you’re interested, you should sign up for our upcoming webinar with Tanmay Bakshi, where we’re going to unveil our Eazl Twitter prospector bot. You don’t have anything to lose by signing up for the event. You can get access to some of the information early on and it’s definitely worth your while getting used to how you can use Watson for your business. You should go sign up for that event now and, if you liked this post, subscribe to the Eazl channel here on YouTube.

I’ll see you next Friday at 10 Pacific Time for another Brain Boost.

Team Eazl and Tanmay Bakshi Need Ideas for IBM Watson Apps

Here’s the deal. IBM’s Watson is basically a cloud-based superbrain that can do a bunch of amazing stuff. For example, you can create a list of about 50 Tweets, tell Watson which ones are relevant to you and which aren’t, and then have Watson take a new list of 50 Tweets and predict which ones you’re going to find relevant. Why does this matter?

Well, there are a whole range of services that Watson can provide and Tanmay Bakshi has been working with Watson for a while now. We’ve started to collaborate with him to create useful applications of Watson’s technology for entrepreneurs and innovators like you. But before we start, we want to know: if we could create applications using Watson that would help you out, what would they be?

Watch the video to learn about some of the most important services Watson offers and meet Tanmay (did we mention that he’s only 12 and he’s already written a book for developers?). Then, let us know what problems you’d like us to solve using IBM Watson by leaving a comment on the post below.

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To learn more about Watson, go here.
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