Blockchain Democracy


Here are 5 innovation stories that you might have missed:

Democracy.Earth, a community building tools “governance tech tools for a post nation-state world,” has released their annual report.

The community is particularly attractive to smart netizens from countries with sub-standard government institutions. The team has also just released a collaboratively-written “Social Smart Contract” whitepaper about self-governance on a planetary scale.

In response to government corruption, many citizens in countries like Venezuela, Russia, Zimbabwe, and Argentina are replacing bank accounts with Bitcoin wallets. Meanwhile, the central banks of many countries, including the UK, China, Greece, and Russia, are working on launching their own cryptocurrencies. Read more at here.

In response to the end of net neutrality in the United States, the city of Fort Collins, Colorado has voted to launch their own internet service provider (ISP).

Afraid of the competition from these communities, AT&T and Comcast lobbyists have successfully gotten laws passed in 20 states that limit the rights of cities to launch their own ISPs.

Oracle has just opened one of the first high schools to be run by a publicly-traded corporation (that’s not an education company). The Charter Highschool is called Highschool. The School’s students are taught “Design Thinking” (similar to Stanford’s “D School”) throughout their high school experience.

Online startup investing platform AngelList has launched an accelerator for entrepreneurs who are interested in becoming angel investors. The $35m fund gives founders who are new to angel investing the authority to write checks on behalf of larger investors.

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Spiritual Awakening: is the Cryptocurrency Movement the Next Human Enlightenment?

This is a pattern of thinking I was first exposed to through an episode of “Tales from the Crypt”, a new podcast on cryptocurrencies (and, among other things, spirituality!).

This idea came from a conversation between Santiago Siri, the founder of, and Marty Bent, the podcast’s host. You can find this segment at around 1 hr. 20 min. at this link.

See an example of how people are coming together to collaborate in the cryptocurrency / ICO space by checking out the Community Reward Program being led by Eazl’s 2018 Growth Strategist in Residence Maja Voje.

Her team at Origin Trail is trading tokens for early support of their coming ICO campaign. Find out more at here.

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