Facebook Advertising 101: The Basics of Facebook Ads

Learn the Building Blocks of Using Facebook’s Ad System (new course coming soon to courses.eazl.co)

Everything in Facebook’s ad ecosystem is about what you want people to do when they see your ads. The campaign OBJECTIVE is important because it will impact how your ad is delivered to Facebook users. For example, if you select “Traffic” Facebook will target users more likely to click your link and if you select “Engagement” it will use data to target people who are more likely comment, like, and share.

Facebook sees ads as a three-part funnel: Awareness → Consideration → Conversions and each of the 10 objectives is centered around one of these three steps (these change often so forgive if they’re not the exact same when you see this video).

Once you pick your campaign-level objective, you’ll define an audience, budget, and schedule in an AD SET that’s part of that campaign.

Then, you’ll design the ADS in your ad set, which can be in one of five formats:
1. Photo Ads
2. Video Ads
3. Carousel Ads
4. Slideshow Ads
5. Collection Ads

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