How to Define Your Tribe

Define Your Tribe

Who is your offering for? When you know this, you’ve made a huge step forward. The old way of thinking about this “who” question was through demographics; segmenting the world based on age or sex or race. But, that’s not that relevant.

What’s relevant is the stories that people tell themselves.

You want to find a group of people that share the same dreams, that share the same fears, that share the same histories and stories. You can call these people your “tribe”.

You want to reach and serve this tribe. And once you’ve identified your tribe, you want to make sure that you’ve identified them in a way where you know where they hang out because it’s a lot easier to reach out to people if they’re all on the same island than if they’re spread out everywhere.

You want to make sure that you know your tribe and you know where your tribe hangs out.

define your tribe

Let’s take Namita for example. She’s thinking, “Who are we going to serve with our search engine optimization offerings?” Namita might think, “Well, I know a lot about travel and travel writing and I also really value lifelong learning and e-learning. So, what tribe could I serve well with these skills and special characteristics?”

She might think, “Alright, so travel and e-learning. Maybe an international school for graduate students. Maybe that’s a good tribe for me to reach out to. Maybe travel organizations that specialize in educational experiences. That’s another tribe that I might reach out to.”

Now, Namita knows her tribes and she’s going find out where they hang out.

What blog do they read?

What newsletters do they subscribe to?

Once she has that equation, she knows a lot more about the audience that she’s serving, which is critical to success in marketing.

These ideas come from Seth Godin, who’s a brilliant marketer. You might want to check out his blog or read some of his work.


Growth Hacking Kickstarter: How Bluejay Raised $30k in 48 Hours

In this interview, we spoke with Maja Voje about her experiences growth hacking Kickstarter.

Recently, Maja was the growth hacker for Bluejay, a team that raised more than $80,000 on Kickstarter to build a smartphone mount for your car. They reached $30k in just 48 hours!

In the above interview, we discuss audience testing on Facebook, virtual teams, and raising money on Kickstarter.

We also talk about:

  • How they performed audience testing and converted it into product design
  • How they looked for target audiences for the Kickstarter campaign using digital tools


Maja is a member of the Eazl Community. She has worked in marketing for six years and has been involved in the tech industry for three.
In 2013, Maja was contracted as a project manager for Google’s Speech Ops in Slovenia and later worked as an SEO and PR specialist for Rocket Internet,
She was also contracted for Receipt Bank, one of London’s most influential fintech firms. In January, they raised $10 million of growth capital to start a growth team for their new ventures.
In 2015, Maja joined The Kiwi Factory (and Team Bluejay) as COO and is deeply involved in marketing and business development there. She also runs a small consulting business.

Gisele Bundchen’s Book, Samsung VR, and Volkswagen Recall

In this week’s Brain Boost: Gisele Bundchen’s new book, the Samsung Gear VR, and Volkswagen’s thirty billion dollar recall.

Gisele Bundchen’s book
Bundchen is releasing a new book where she’s going to be in various states of undress and the book is will carry the hefty price tag of $700. It’s limited edition, about 1,000 are going to be printed, and all the proceeds are going to go to charity.

In this increasingly visual world, I want to turn your attention to a module in the Advanced Management Training course about visual communication. I have a challenge for you: next time that you see a photo, notice the camera angle and maybe the setting and the lighting. What do things like the camera angle and the lighting and the setting say about the photo? This will enable you to upgrade your ability to see images in a new way and then hopefully use them in a smarter way in your own communications.

Samsung’s new virtual reality headset
The new VR headset will cost about $99 and links seamlessly with all of Samsung’s mobile devices. When you compare this to the Oculus Rift headset, which is not even out yet and has a wire that has to go to a video game console, this makes us think about the importance of interviewing your customers for their needs.

Samsung understand customer need and has created a wireless headset.
Samsung understand customer need and has created a wireless headset.

If you were to you think about the needs that a customer would have, many people would say, “Hey, having a wireless headset is really important to me because I don’t want to be attached to this gaming console.” It seems like Oculus Rift’s yet-to- be-released headset is maybe even dead on arrival because they failed to meet some critical needs of the broader market place.

Volkswagen has cheated on their emissions test
Now they’re the subject of investigations in countries across the world, Volkswagen is going to pay about thirty billion dollars in fees, lawyers, and market capitalization. The head of the Volkswagen Group is also going to resign.

I want to use this as an opportunity to encourage you to look for an opportunity to create a relationship with a labor market insider –somebody like a recruiter. Recruiters know things beyond just which jobs are open. They know things like which bosses are good to work for, what the company culture is like, and what they look for in candidates. So, having relationships with these types of recruiters can be really valuable and you can find a module on that in the Career Hacking course.

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