Why You Should Pay Attention to Pinterest Advertising

This Brain Boost is all about Pinterest Advertising. At Eazl, we have found that Pinterest is an excellent tool for generating traffic and getting good deals on ad engagement. And I mean conversion costs you would not believe!

Pinterest Basics
For those of you who do not already know, Pinterest is built around the sharing of images and videos that pertain to a specific interest of the user. The photos and videos that people pin can either be uploaded from their computer or collected from the web. The sharing mechanism is called a pin. You pin these photos or videos to an interest board and others will repin those pins if they find them useful or interesting.

Image of a Pinterest Board for Pinterest Advertising

It’s pretty much a digital scrapbook, except you can click through the pins to a blog post, landing page, video, etc. It’s the perfect traffic and lead generator.

Some Useful Stats
As of early 2016, there are about one hundred and ten million active Pinterest users and 85% of the user base is female. Most of the users on Pinterest use it as sort of a lifestyle tool. So, you can imagine that people will do things like have a board for their favorite recipes or maybe even for their favorite Indian food recipes, style ideas, marketing infographics, or favorite book covers.

Pinterest Advertising
In terms of using Pinterest for marketing, we are finding that it has great deals –among the best on the web– on ads and getting traffic. You can advertise on Pinterest by promoting Pins that you already have on your boards or by creating a new pin for the purpose of promotion.

In a recent 13-day promotion, we were able to achieve around 90k impression, 130 repins, and over 70 click-throughs for just $20. It cost us just $0.29 per click. Compare that to Facebook advertising, where we are currently experiencing a minimum conversion cost of about $1.20. Costs will, of course, vary depending on your industry and some other factors but, if you know a little bit about marketing funnels or CPC, you know this is an appealing price difference!

What is even better about promoting pins is that the pins live on far after your campaign ends. Those who have repinned your content will come back and reference your content at a later date, plus their own followers will see your content and possibly take action. This means you’ll continue to see pins, likes, and click-throughs roll in…all unpaid!

Dipping Your Toes into the Pinterest Advertising World
To get started with your own pin promotion, make sure that you are using a good image and a solid pin description that includes your website url at the end. Don’t forget to edit the pin right after you have pinned it and add the url of the page you want pinners to land on when they click through.

Pin from Pinterest with optimized image and description for Pinterest Advertising

If you know Photoshop, your pin should have a 2:3 ratio with a minimum width of 600px. If you don’t have Photoshop skills or you want to create an image faster, you can use a tool like Canva that has correct sized templates for pins.

What you can do after selecting your creative is experiment with a “Get Traffic” campaign. The reason we recommend using a traffic campaign instead of an engagement campaign is because the latter is more expensive and you can achieve desired results with a traffic campaign. With engagement campaigns, you will end up paying for any type of engagement with your pin, whether it’s a closeup, repin, like, or click-through. With a traffic campaign, you will only pay for click-throughs even though you will also get all kinds of other engagement like closeups and repins.

After choosing your campaign objective, pick around 14 or 15 keywords for the promotion. Try maybe $5 for a one day campaign to see what kind of results it gets for you. You can always add to the budget or extend the life of the campaign once you see how effective image or keywords (search terms) are.

Have you experimented with Pinterest Advertising and promoted pins? We’d love to hear about your experiences in our Marketing Mastermind Group!