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Jack Dorsey Twitter CEO, Work with Nest, and James Harden + Adidas

In this week’s Brain Boost: Jack Dorsey as Twitter CEO, Nest, and James Harden’s truckload of shoes gets a truckload of earned media.

Jack Dorsey as Twitter CEO
When it was announced that Jack Dorsey would become Twitter CEO, the stock actually took a pretty big hit because analysts are worried that Jack Dorsey cannot effectively lead both square and Twitter, two relatively large companies. Understanding how to “scale yourself” is a big issue for talented people.When you are no longer an individual contributor and you are producing at high rates, it’s hard to decide what you’re going to make and which is the things you do yourself, versus what you’re going to buy, which are tasks that you delegate or outsource.

You might think of this as your Focus Arena. Try to think about things like the skill sets that you need to maintain, the information that’s necessary for you to stay relevant in your competitive arena, and then –by establishing your own Focus Arena– you should be able to then to decide (with a little bit more guidance) what to make yourself versus what tasks to delegate or buy. If you are in the Advanced Management Training course on Udemy or if you are in the Heart and Soul of Maximum Productivity course on Skillshare, you can find out more about this Focus Arena concept there.

Works with Nest
We have been covering the Internet of Things quite a bit in recent weeks and, this week, Google
announced that there is an API for developing products that work seamlessly with their Nest thermostat.

Google announced that there is an API for developing products that work seamlessly with their Nest thermostat.
Google announced that there is an API for developing products that work seamlessly with their Nest thermostat.

The Internet of Things is becoming such a hot topic and Peter Drucker, who is a real guru of strategy, suggests that –in the future– professionals who succeed are going to be able to program the Internet of Things so that it works for them.

We encourage you to go check out and start getting familiar with how you can automate a certain part of your life. It doesn’t have to be a major initiative. Just get your feet wet a little bit.

A truckload of shoes
Houston Rocket, James Harden, made an endorsement move from Nike to Adidas and, to celebrate, Adidas sent him a truckload of shoes. What this really got was a truckload of earned media: 3,000 comments on Instagram immediately.

If you think about it, in some cases it costs quite a lot of money to advertise and, sometimes, the best advertisement is when you do something that gets free media attention. In this case, a Adidas got a lot of earned media, which essentially only cost them whatever it costs to deliver their new superstar ambassador that truck load of shoes.

If you’re interested in this type of thinking –social media and PR and how it works together– you might check out Joy Schoffler’s interview in the social media and public relations section of the Growth Hacking Masterclass.

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