User Experience: How to Engineer Your Site for Visitors

Four user experience tips

You know how sometimes something might look really cool or attractive but, in practicality, it might be really difficult to use? You don’t want your interfaces to be difficult to use when you are trying to grow your business. Focusing on user experience is key for any growth hacker.

user experience

Here are four ways that you can design and implement effective interfaces for the web, mobile, or almost any other digital use case.

  1. Design simply
    First, anticipate what your user is going to need at each phase of their experience. Give people the information that they need only when they need. Also, make the parts of the interface that do different things look different.

2. Make it readable
You want to make your font sizes relatively large. Also, signal the function of something like a button early on in the text of the button because often, research shows, that people just want to differentiate between the buttons so they don’t actually read the text all the way.

3. Use contrast to your advantage
Signal through things like contrast that this is the button that you want people to click. Also, make larger objects associated with the more important functions of the interface that you’re designing. Like a landing page.


4. Make it familiar
Use metaphors whenever possible —things like written or visual metaphors that help people get a sense of what you’re asking them to do really easily. Also, use imagery that will be familiar with your audience already.

In summary, use customer knowledge to anticipate the information that they’re going to want at each stage of their visit. Then, make action signals readable by using larger fonts and using color and size to signal importance. Finally, make the experiences, actions, and messages the you’re displaying to them more familiar by using metaphors and images that the audience is already going to be familiar with. If you follow these guidelines, the result will be positive user experience!

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