Eazl’s Top 10 Favorite Information Sources in 2017

eazl top information sources

There are a lot of garbage information sources out there so it’s important to curate the type of information that you come across every day, especially in the age of social media. Davis and I got together and brainstormed our top 10 information sources in 2017. Here’s what we came up with:

#10 Radiolab


A “show about curiosity” that covers the strange and unusual from science and philosophy. The production is incredible!

Where we follow them: Podcast

#9 Harvard Biz Review

Harvard Business Review

This is one of our favorite sources for researched content on future of work and management. Without paying, you can read 6 articles a month for free.

Where we follow them: Twitter

#8 Financial Times

Financial Times

Real, high quality journalism on the topics of business, career, and government that is behind a paywall.

What does the paywall mean for the content?

Less drivel because the content does not rely on just advertising and clickbait. The community is also high quality because people who care to pay for a subscription to FT ($179/year for a standard subscription) are typically smart and genuinely interested. Plus, it keeps the trolls and bots out.

Where we follow them: Paid Subscription (we have the Standard subscription)


#7 Gallup


Providing analytics to organizations, Gallup is a refreshing source of information because it prevents just the facts and numbers…no opinions, which is hard to find these days in mainstream news.

Where we follow them: Twitter


#6 World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum

From work life balance and environment to economic issues and innovation, World Economic Forum -out of Switzerland- covers just about everything that has an affect on quality of life, globally.

Where we follow them: Twitter

#5 Dalai Lama

dalai lama

The Dalai Lama has been on the right wavelength always and it’s been quite fun to watch the scientific research roll out to support his teachings. He’s a living reminder to resist the arrogance of modern life that tempts us to discount the wisdom of the ages.

Where we follow him: Watch the Dalai Lama drop some knowledge on Twitter.





They cover topics and news that no one else dares to cover…in a way that no one else dares. VICE is setting a new standard for journalism.

Where we follow them: YouTube

#3 On Point

On Point Radio

A two-hour live show that is a refreshing and honest source of news and conversation.

Where we follow them: Podcast

The School of Life

School of LIfe

Alain de Botton is a philosopher who founded The School of Life to teach emotional intelligence. They create tons of useful content in the form of videos, articles, books, and products.

Where we follow them: YouTube and Twitter

Greater Good Science Center

Greater Good Science Center


Based at UC Berkeley, GGSC is working on presenting the science behind practices that help us lead good lives and make the world better. Think: soft skills and proving the Dalai Lama right.


Where we follow them: Science of Happiness course from UC Berkeley, their blog, and Twitter


Do you have any favorite information sources that didn’t make this list? We’d love to hear your favorites in the comments below or on Twitter.

6 Most Downloaded Free Eazl Resources in 2017

eazl most downloaded resources 2017

These are the resources that received the most downloads in 2017. Others in our community like them so we thought you might! Just click the resource name to download.

#6 Word Tracks for Leads
CATEGORY: Freelancing and Entrepreneurship

Use these templated messages to respond and follow up with a lead during different stages of the sales process.

#5 Candidate Interview Reference Tool
CATEGORY: Management

Learn how to find top talent with these 3 interviewing methods for hiring “A” players.

#4 Sample Letter of Agreement
CATEGORY: Freelancing and Entrepreneurship

Want to get your client to sign off on project terms with a simple one-sheet contract? Use this sample to get your clients to sign off on project specifics.

#3 Job Interview Prep Cheat Sheet

Want to go into your interviews organized and less stressed about all the little details? Use this template to go into your job interviews prepared.

#2 Personal Productivity Guide
CATEGORY: Management

We created this guide as a resource for managers and entrepreneurs who want to get more out of their day and focus on making real progress. Use it as a starting point for getting right with your organization, delegation, and management style.

#1 Guide to LinkedIn Summaries

Your summary is the focal point for your LinkedIn profile and the first section a hiring manager will read. This guide will help you create a profile that makes you stand out.

Want to see our other resources? Click here to view what’s available.

Eazl’s Top 10 Free Content and Posts in 2017

eazl top posts

2017 was a BIG year for us and the Eazl community!

We launched 7 new courses, made the biggest update EVER to our Growth Hacking Masterclass in collaboration with a former Eazl student (our first time collaborating with Eazl alumni on a course), and our enrolled students grew to 130K+.

This makes me all kinds of happy and proud to be part of the Eazl family.

Along with the growth and new paid content, we also rolled out a ton of free content throughout the year. These are the Top 10 posts of 2017, chosen by readers of the Eazl blog.

#1 How to Use the Myers-Briggs (MBTI) Personality Test + Free Download

Eazl MBTI Personality Test image

Having trouble with someone at work? Working on a team that’s not working well together?

Check out one of our most popular modules from our Advanced Management Training course: how to use the Myers-Briggs (or MBTI) personality test to understand diverse personality types.


#2 Chatbots are the Future of Online Marketing

eazl chatbots

In the world of business and marketing right now, it’s all about AI and chatbots. In the next 5-10 years, you can expect chatbots to become much more a part of our lives and how we interact with companies.

The thing is…you can make one right now. And you don’t even have to know how to code!

We’ve gathered up all the resources we have for you on bots at the moment and put them all here so you can catch up with what’s happening in the world of bots.


#3 Maja Voje’s 100+ FREE Growth Hacking Tools & Frames


Maja Voje is a beloved member of our community; one of our earliest adopters whose intelligence, skill, and collaborative nature serves as an inspiration for us to keep doing what we do.

Recently, Maja created this guide of over 100 free growth hacking tools “to bridge the gap between tool discovery and implementation.” The world of growth hacking is young and it seems like new tools for growth are launched every day. That’s what makes Maja’s work so useful.

And she’s tested all of them herself.


#4 Personal Finance: Terms You Need Know from a Money Guru

personal finance

“If you’re anything like me, you might find the world of personal finance (think: credit, debt, and acquiring property) to be strange and unfamiliar. I never had my parents teach me and it was never a focus in school. The only advice I ever received came from my mom when she said, “Don’t get a credit card,” when I headed off the University of Texas at Austin at age 18.

I may not have listened to that advice. : /”


#5 Be Your Own Inspiration: Adi Diner, Engineering Project Manager


Adi Diner is a Project Manager at Spectra-Physics, an industrial and scientific laser company in the San Francisco Bay Area. Adi’s profile stood out to me because I wanted to highlight someone from the Eazl community with a science and engineering background. I also really liked how her passion for science was developed as a child because I think it’s something so many of us can relate to.

Check out Adi’s wise words about teamwork and perfection, which is applicable to you no matter what industry you’re in…


#6 How Positive Emotions Change Who We Are

eazl positive emotions

Accordingly to research from UC Berkeley, 1% of the cells in your body are replaced per day, which means all of your cells change within a quarter or season of a year. It also takes that long to form a new habit.

In addition, our emotions affect our level of cellular change. The more daily positive emotions we have, the more we can change who we are and it can even affect the way our genes are transcribed (for the better).


#7 What’s Next in Sonoma County: Probiotics and the Future of Health

In What’s Next, Team Eazl travels around North America to capture the climate of entrepreneurship and innovation in cities outside of San Francisco and NYC.

We discover how economies and people are thriving in the ever changing world of work by talking to heavy hitters and innovators that live within –and contribute to– those communities.

Join our host, Davis Jones, in the third episode of the season as he explores the business of gut health on Sonoma County, California.


#8 These Brands are Killing It on Instagram

these brand are killing it on instagram

I love finding branding and marketing inspiration on Instagram and I’m loving the platform in general these days because the user experience is a lot more enjoyable than the toxic environment on Facebook. You can find out more about how we feel about THAT whole sitch here.

In my feed, I like to see posts from a mix of different kinds of companies because, as a marketer, I’m constantly paying attention to what other marketers are doing well.”


#9 Six Project Ideas for Your Resume

project ideas resume

The Projects section might be at the bottom of your resume…but don’t be fooled! It’s still a major selling point of your CV and is becoming more and more relevant in the modern job market as companies look for employees who self-train and walk through the door with something to offer on the first day.

This is why lifelong learning and continuing education is having a moment right now…and the market will continue to grow.

There are a lot of ways that you can demonstrate your initiative and interests as projects on your resume. Here are a few ideas…



#10 What You Eat at Work Can Make You More Productive