EazlLaunch: Eazl’s New Virtual Incubator

virtual incubator

Eazl’s virtual incubator is a 6-month program that follows the formula in our course, 8 Step Business Launch. With help from two Eazl mentors and four other team members, each building their own businesses, you’ll be held accountable for reaching your business goals and completing milestones in order to bring your business to life. Stop dreaming about having your own profitable business and make it happen.
What do I get for participating?
  • If you are committed and follow through with your deliverables: a viable product or service that has been market researched and tested and your first paying customers
  • A scheduled program for deliverables to keep you on task and moving towards success
  • Help and support from the other four participants as you all hold each other accountable for weekly and monthly progress and share expertise when applicable
  • Weekly one-on-one and group help from your two Eazl mentors virtually, through the Slack platform
  • Two live conference calls with Davis Jones
  • Digital marketing testing strategy help at the end of the program from Ludell Jones (after you have found your Minimum Viable Product and your first few customers)
What’s the catch?
Someone wise once said, “There’s no such thing as free lunch.” You have to put in the work in this program or you won’t see any results.
When is it?
Summer-Fall 2016
How do I apply? 
Fill out the short application at this link.
How much does it cost?
It’s free! But, you do have to be enrolled in our 8 Step Business Launch course on Udemy (launching soon). If this sounds like something you can do, apply here. Our goal is to launch the program in late May or early June. Serious applicants only.