We’re Your Neighbors

Davis and Ludell Jones
Davis and Ludell visited Washington DC in 2016

Community businesses are where people connect. Hi, we’re Davis and Ludell Jones and we live near the corner of Irving Park and Long Street in Chicago. We have been in this neighborhood for almost 15 years and are invested in seeing our community thrive. We’re committed to empowering Chicago’s communities through the Campaign for Community Businesses, a non-profit dedicated to fostering community engagement, giving community businesses access to capital, and helping small businesses compete in a hyper-competitive business environment. Community businesses are where people connect. We believe that now is the time to lead with a new model of creating jobs, increasing property values, and supporting small businesses. If you’re ready to team up, here’s how you can get involved.

How Community Owned Businesses are Changing Neighborhoods
There are two problems that stop neighborhood businesses from being successful:

  1. Making new businesses known to the community when they’re new
  2. The ability for small businesses to raise a little bit of startup money

A new law (the JOBS Act) recently enabled people like you and me to take micro ownership stakes in small businesses. While websites like Kickstarter help bring people together to fund projects, they don’t enable you to share in the ownership of those projects. Now, we can own portions of the companies we support.

We’re calling new businesses started with this shared ownership method Community Owned Businesses. Community owned businesses are the perfect way to launch neighborhood businesses, increase their chances of success, and bring communities together around a common goal of making neighborhoods great places to live and work.

What We Want from You
We’re looking for neighbors, freelancers, business operators, and volunteers who are interested in working together to change the future. Barack Obama asked us to believe in our own ability to bring about change. Let’s start right now.