If you are enrolled in our Career Hacking Masterclass on any of the platforms that officially offer the course, someone from Team Eazl will review your resume once for free with detailed feedback.

All you have to do if submit your resume in the Eazl Career Lounge or send to our offices at care@eazl.co. Note that resumes published to the career lounge receive faster response.

If you are submitting your resume to the Eazl Career Lounge, it must be in PDF format. We may ask for proof of enrollment and keep in mind that, in cases where it is clear that the course curriculum was not followed, your resume was submitted in a rush, or we feel you have not put in enough of your own initial work on the resume, our advice may be limited to returning to the course to deliver a better first draft.

If your resume has simple issues like difference in font, text size, missing punctuation, spacing issues, etc., it may be denied for review. Don’t submit anything to us that an employer would find as an immediate disqualification.

Do the work that is covered in the course and reserve your free review for detailed feedback that will actually help you compete in the job market. After all, that’s why we made the course!

And don’t forget to say thank you to the person who reviews your resume.

We prioritize resume and career help from paid clients first. If you have urgent needs or something that requires a bit more time and brainpower, contact us at care@eazl.co to set up an initial consultation and schedule your session.