What is the Opt-Out Project (Tentative Title)?
An exploration and independent study of alternative life and work solutions and the science of well-being, using existing research and studies from academic authorities and institutions as a guideline for collection of real-life experiences and storytelling.

You can create the life and the community you want to have and Ludell can prove it!

About Ludell Jones:ludell jones opt out
Ludell is passionate about applying philosophy to everyday life and knows that people and communities play an important role in making that happen. She is interested in research that proves the ability that individuals have to create the lives they want and the mindsets they need -even while overcoming major life setbacks- in order to create joyful and fulfilling lives for themselves, while positively impacting the people around them.

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Project Topics*:

  • Applied Philosophy
  • Conscious Consumption and Value-Oriented Action
  • Modern Monasticism
  • Brain science and Neural Plasticity
  • Human Innovations
  • Human-Centricity
  • Decentralization


Primary research, including travel and immersive experiences, will take place in 2018 and you can follow Ludell’s journey.

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*If you have any personal experiences with any of these topics or if you are involved with any of these areas of study and have something you’d like to share, reach out to Ludell at care@eazl.co.